Waiting for our TA

We are waiting….and waiting….

We just need this little paper. Our Travel Approval.

The earliest it could come is the week of the 10th. That is next week folks! This means we would be on a plane by the 19th. That is just crazy to think about. We would be gone over the holidays. Mr. D was planning to stay home with Opa and hold down the fort. However, Opa is out of the country. We didn’t expect the possibility of leaving so soon.

What does this all mean.

It means I need to get really organized. Mr. D school schedule, holiday parties, food preferences, clothing, and not to mention Christmas plans need to be put together. Nala needs to get reservations at Doggie Day Care (unless anyone of you would like to take her on). I need to rearrange appointments and holiday plans. Get presents out to people before we leave. Figure out what to do with our three Goldfish. Did I mention get presents out to everyone!!!!!

I dug into Dragon’s closet and decided I am taking 12 month clothing with a few 9 months. I am taking only one pair of shoes for her, disposable bibs, one package of diaper (buy the rest in China), not bring any formula (use the Chinese brand until we get home), and “drop in” bottles. I am under the assumption that if I forget something or need something that I haven’t thought of, I can purchase it there.

Depending on the price of airline tickets. Currently I see round trip economy tickets around $3,000…..ouch!!!! If that is the price, then I will be holding her on my lap. However, if the price is more reasonable, we will be purchasing a seat for her. That will mean bringing an infant car seat for the trip.

I have a baby carrier that rides on your hip. Used it for Mr. D and like it. Hopeful Dragon will think the same. If not, I was told that you can borrow strollers at the hotels you stay at.

My head is spinning with all the things to get done. Clothes, electronics, paperwork, food, baby gear…… I did manage to get all our prescriptions filled and had a meeting with our local pharmacist who walked me through all the over the counter medications I should pack.

Hubby keeps telling me to take a deep breath and not to worry. He does not think it will happen so soon. I keep thinking maybe this will happen and I better get prepared.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some amazing news soon.



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3 responses to “Waiting for our TA

  1. You can buy it all there. It just may be a little different from home. Deep breath. Once you get on the plane nothing else will matter.

  2. Maryann

    Better to be prepared,rather than NOT! You hav e the right idea…and no matter when it happens, you’ll have much less last minute stress.

  3. Jim

    You won’t need to worry about planning for the in china stuff much at all. The facilitators are great and they’ll take care of all the little things.

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