Tickets are bought!

There is no turning back. Our tickets are bought. No luck with the upgrade. We did manage to get bulkhead in Economy Plus. From what I have read on the Delta website, that means a whole extra four inches of leg room and seats that have 50% more recline. With Hubby just over six feet tall…that extra legroom will be welcomed on a fourteen hour flight. Little Dragon will be sitting lap side with the use of a bassinet that can be attached to the bulkhead.

Now the discussion of luggage…. I think we are going to use three pieces of checked in luggage and each carry a backpack as our carry on. No stroller, no infant seat, just my hip sling carrier.

I would like to pack five days of clothing, but that would mean doing laundry twice. So that decision will have to be made once I see the space available.

As you can tell, I do all the organizing and packing. Hubby has absolutely no idea how much thought it takes. He would throw his shaving kit, clean t- shirts, and a couple of boxers and call it a day. I may be taking it to the extreme, but I rather be overpacked, than in need of something. I am sure I would not be able to replace my size ten shoes and size fourteen clothing easily in China.

So…this will be the weekend to start laying things out. I plan on getting all the teacher and instructor gifts ready to pass out for the beginning of the week. I have all my supplies ready for all the school parties. All my gifts are purchased and I plan to wrap on Monday, when the kids are in school.

Nala has reservations for doggie day care for two weeks. I spoke with the director and worked a emergency plan and a better daytime schedule for her. She ran around so much when we went to Florida, she lost a significant amount of weight. Due to this fact, she will get three meals a day and get a lunch time rest period. Yeah…something else to think about. Ms. A is in charge of labeling and bagging her meals and packing a bag of her toys and chewies. Of course, she has a list to follow.

My dinning room table is covered in stuff…..The kitchen table is covered in stuff….The nursery is full of stuff… My weekend plans…..clear it out!

Twelve days left to go.



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6 responses to “Tickets are bought!

  1. When I packed for a semester abroad, I used the roll and stuff method to economize space in my suitcase. Roll is just what it sounds like-do this instead of folding your clothes. I then stuffed the clothes in panty hose. The hose compressed the clothing even more so that I could pack more in. These might be cheaper than those space saver bags. I’ve tried those, too, but I wasn’t as impressed as I was with the hose.
    Merry Christmas, good luck and have a safe trip!

  2. Jim

    You will be able to get almost anything you need there. I wouldn’t worry about being under packed. Traveling light may be easier.

  3. I found your blog because you liked mine 🙂 We actually may be in China around the same time. No tickets yet for us though, but things may be moving crazy fast in the next week.

  4. tiffanyapollard

    Love this! It gives hope to all of us stranded somewhere in the adoption process!=) So happy for you and your family!

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