I hope they like plants!

It’s that time of year. Trying to remember all those adults and teenage helpers who are involved in the kids’ lives.

Little do these people know, we have been thinking of them for quite some time. This summer the kids help pot some smaller planters, knowing they would gift them for Christmas. These planters were outside all summer and then put on the shelf in the greenhouse this fall.

Today we brought them upstairs, cut all the dead stuff away, accessorized them with fun picks, gave them a thorough watering, and packaged them up.

I have the kids decorate brown bags and I give the plants a wrap in newsprint, sans print. I then staple a care sheet to each one and hope for their success. Being established plants, they should do well.





Today we were able to gift the Sunday school teachers and classroom helpers. Also Ms. A had studio time, so I sent her in with gifts for her beloved dance instructors.

People who are new to our family are surprised with the gift, especially when the children explain each plant and how they put them together and planted them all by themselves. Those adults who have been involved with us for several years now, know what to expect.

I just hope they like plants!


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