The Year of the Dragon!

The bags are packed…


The nursery is ready…


The car seat is in…


A winter storm is bearing down….just in time for our adventure to begin…

I am just a tad bit wound up. But everything is checked, checked again, and then once more. The house is labeled and charted for Opa’s sake. A calendar was made and coded to keep up with Mr.D’s busy schedule. A count down calendar was organized, so he can visual see the days until we come home. The dog is packed and ready to go to “doggie day care.” The house is scrubbed clean!

I think I have it covered…or at least I hope…

The gifts have all been opened and the kids are busy exploring all their new acquisitions. Ms.A was blessed with a Nook HD all ready loaded up with all sorts of things to keep her occupied during the long 14 hour flight. Mr.D received some sparring gear that every orange belt needs.


Not sure how that will work out, but I am not going to worry about that just yet.

Hubby and I kept it simple. I bought him a shirt and some new cologne. He bought me a crystal dragon and this…


I special pen to bring to China. I was surprised about the gift. Who gives their wife a pen for Christmas? Hubby then explained to me that it would only be fitting to have this beautiful Cross Dragon Pen to sign the final papers of the adoption. Seven years of paperwork will soon come to a conclusion and this will be then pen to make it final. He then said this will be something we pass on to her when she becomes an adult and has to make a monumental signature for something.

What a thoughtful guy my Hubby can be!!!

The year of the Dragon is coming to the end…but in our house it is just the beginning!


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  1. The pen is beautiful as is the sentiment. Good luck tomorrow and trust that all will go well. I am supposed to have a client meeting at 11 am on 1/10/13 but if it cancels I will try and come to the airport!

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