Our airport adventure!

Today our adventure began.. Neither Hubby, nor I, slept a wink with the threat of a blizzard coming in. We discovered at 5 am that our flight from Cleveland to Detroit was canceled..

Panic set in…

What were we going to do…

We decided to pack up the car and drive to Detroit ahead of the storm and hope to make our connecting flight to Beijing. Nala was quickly organized, feed, and walked. With a drop off at doggie daycare, we got going on the list of things that needed to be done.

Opa came second. He was able to clean out the fridge and pack up Mr.D. While I gave Mr.D a much needed bath and nail trim. A run to the bank and then to the gas station, we were on our way.

Detroit here we come!

It took us a little over three hours and we arrived at the airport in one piece. Then some miscommunication occurred about the cancelation of our flight that almost brought me to tears! It was quickly explained that the first leg of the journey was canceled, not the Beijing flight. Then I was told that such a big plane will have no problems in this storm..

Not quite sure how I feel about that statement, but as long as it is safe I am game.

I then had another break down in security when the TSA agent spoke harshly to me about handing her the identification of the entire family. She wanted each individual to do it. I am once again in tears. Ms. A proceeds to tell them that we are going to China to get her sister. The mood changed entirely and several other security personnel began to congratulate us.

Mind you I am a mess. Totally trying not to lose it. Hubby quickly organizes our things and directs us to a restaurant.



We have six hours until our flight is schedule to take off. Lets hope it does. Right now I going to have a drink and take a few deep breathes.

With only positive thoughts….My next post will be from Beijing!



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7 responses to “Our airport adventure!

  1. How exciting! Blessings on you all!

  2. Dawn Deran

    Glad you made it safely up there. Love you all! Positive thoughts! Your dream is coming true!

  3. Kelly

    Enjoy your adventure – prayers you will be in the air soon! We also faced winter weather this morning – leaving our first destination about 90 minutes late, but finally making it to Dulles. This flight was also delayed, but then we boarded the plane, got comfortable for about an hour – then an annoucement was made for everyone to disembark the plane due to mechanical issues. The goal is to now get everyone to China today – :-). We look forward to meeting you and this story of adding to our family will be really interesting and something our daughters will want to hear again and again – one day!!! Hope to meet you soon! Until then enjoy the airport!

  4. Debbie Hockenbery

    Respecting your wishes after this post! 🙂 Safe Travels!! SOOO excited for you! Just remember all emotions will be magnified 1000x from the norm, but you all will be back home with beautiful Julia and putting everything in a picture book to share with her!!! To follow your journey is so cool!

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