We arrived in China

We arrived in Beijing last night, just a bit after midnight. Our plane had some delay due to the de-icing process, but other than that, the flight went smoothly. We flew a Delta/China Airway plane. The staff was so friendly and helpful. We had to fill in some documents to enter the country and they walked us through it. The four extra inches of leg room was nice in the Economy Plus section. Yet, the seats were narrow and had little cushioning. I had a serious backache by the end of the flight.

When we landed and disembarked, the terminal was empty. We had no problems with any wait time at customs and walked past the health inspectors without even a second glance. We actually made such good time that we had to wait about thirty minutes for our luggage. All four pieces arrived safely, so that is a big relief.

Our facilitator, Dion, was waiting at the exit, holding a sign from our adoption agency. However, just the short walk to meet up with him, I had my first contact with some aggressive taxi drivers trying to get our fare.

He quickly whisked us away into a mini bus for the forty minute drive to our hotel. He checked us in and talked us through some procedures. I was surprised that no one at the front desk spoke English. He then bid us a good night sleep and told us he would come by in the morning to collect us for our trip to the Great Wall.

It is 5 am and I am wide awake sitting in the bathroom blogging and trying to let the rest sleep. The room is nice and up to American standards. Hopefully I will figure our the WIFI situation and get this posted.

Till next time…



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3 responses to “We arrived in China

  1. sleuthsisters

    This came through so you must have figured it out! Have fun at the Wall. It’s amazing.

  2. Dawn Deran

    Thank goodness! Have a great time sightseeing. Love you all

  3. chris

    Great to hear! The hotels in China have the best mattresses!

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