The adventures of a 10 year old in Beijing

Written by Ms. A (10 years old)
Day one..

Beijing is amazing, but in the cold of winter it’s even colder! So we started out going to breakfast. I didn’t know exactly what I was eating and I am not sure if I wanted to, but it was good! Mr. Dion (our guide) picked us up along with another adopting family and we were off! First we went to the Forbidden City. It was nice, but I would’ve liked it more if my hands and feet weren’t frozen numb. Next, we had lunch at a locally owned restaurant. Lots of people were staring at my blond hair. It didn’t make me feel uncomfortable just more special. Lunch was a feast! I liked the chicken friend rice! Then, we dropped the other family off because they were really tired. Afterwords we went to the Pearl Market. A place where you could barter for pretty cool stuff. We got a dragon statue for my brother and also a cool Chinese dragon puppet for him. I got two pair of jade earrings and matching silk dresses. My mom got other jewelry. After shopping we went to McDonalds (who knew)! We bought Mr. Dion a coffee and I benefitted with a strawberry milk shake! Once we got back to the hotel I feel asleep.

I will write again tomorrow. Ms. A


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One response to “The adventures of a 10 year old in Beijing

  1. Dawn Deran

    Nice job ms. A! Love u and glad you’re experiencing this trip!

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