The adventures of a ten year old at the Great Wall

Day two
Posted by Ms. A

Today we went to the Great Wall. I thought it was amazing. There were so many steps to climb! The steps were also worn down and covered in ice! So I started climbing, soon I got way ahead of my parents! My dad quit halfway up because his hip hurt, but me and mom kept climbing! When we reached the first guard tower we decided to take some pictures. We only went a little farther after that until we decided to go back. After we took pictures and were about to go down I heard my name! I turned to where the sound came from, it was my dad! Then we went down the short cut and left the wall. Next we had lunch and then we went to a jade factory where we learned all about jade and surprisingly it ended in a jade store. My mom bought a bracelet and I bought a little jade horse. Next we went to a tea place. All the tea was gross except the last one which was really sweet!! Afterwords we went to a Kung fu exhibition. We should’ve known it was for little kids when people dressed up as pandas break danced Gangnam style! It was about two pandas that liked Kung fu and traveled to the city of Beijing and met friendly people that were actually Kung fu masters! Yeah, it was really bad! Then we went back to the hotel knowing that tomorrow my sister will be in our arms.


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