Traveling to Nanchang

Started off early with a one hour trip to the Beijing airport. We arrived with a translator who purchased our tickets and walked us to security. Security was an interesting experience. We complain about the TSA. That’s nothing compared to the pat down I received. When we got on the plane and we were clearly the minority. Ms. A was getting some major looks. The flight was rough and toward the end we had group calesthatics to promote good health.

When we arrived in Nanchang I experienced my first squatty potty. Oh, fun.

Our new facilitator meet us and gave us the news that the babies would only becoming the next morning. We were disappointed, but it did give us time to settle in. Our hotel provided us with a crib, stroller, and baby bathtub.

We had a chance to walk the streets and go to a local market to buy water and any needed supplies. The WiFi is a bit sketchy, so posting is a bit challenging.

Today, the babies arrive in less then three hours and we are getting organized. The directions are to meet in the conference room at 10:20 and be ready to do lots of paperwork.


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  1. OMG the suspense is killing me. I you see this, we had bad wifi last nite when ou tried to Skype. We’ve tried to call you today- within the last hour, but no answer on Marc’s phone.

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