Gotcha Day Video

Here is the first time we saw our Dragon. She was such a trooper and never cried. You can also see our much loved facilitator Echo in the background. We found that Dragon loves to look around and watch things. She is not sitting up yet and is not grasping or attempting to hold toys. She loves to suck her two fingers and loves to rough house and be tickled by Hubby.

She refused to eat the entire first day and was running a slight fever. We were given her schedule and learned that she only takes bottles with a mixture of formula and rice cereal. We put her down between us in the bed and she slept from 10pm until 5 am. When she woke up she finally drank 8 oz bottle. What a relief.

Overall, it has been a very manageable first few hours with our Dragon!

Sending you all well wishes for a Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “Gotcha Day Video

  1. Kelly

    What a memorable day – one we will never forget. I recognize our little sugar plum crying in the background – Julia was so content and taking everything in. 🙂

  2. Sue Smith

    I can’t see your video for some reason but Echo was also our guide last Feb 2012 when we met our son! She’s awesome! Congratulations on your little cutie! You can see our blog at

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