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I am outnumbered!

I recall hearing from friends who have multiple children…going from one child to two is difficult…. But from two to three kids is easy….

Are they insane?!

Hubby and I are official outnumbered!

I just can’t seem to catch my breath around here. It’s been a month and you would think I would have the hang of things around here. Not so much!

Here is a perfect example… Last night the power went out and that meant the morning start was off by just a few minutes. Not sure why, since we have a back up on the alarm clock, but we were late getting up. Hubby leaves for work way before anyone is up, so I am on my own and every minute is allotted for something.

so…I am hustling around getting lunches made and breakfast laid out. (These thing can’t be done ahead of time due to a certain four legged family member who will do anything to get at food, dishes, or anything related to either.) Nala then decides to ring her bell to be let out and I have learned that this is not a sign to ignore. Yet, when she put her nose out she decided to change her mind. I, knowing not to chance it, put on her coat and shove her out the door. In the meantime Mr.D decided to put on a summer/Halloween outfit to wear to school. I then go upstairs and point out the outfit that I laid out the night before. (Yes, I have figured out that if I do somethings the night before it makes the morning go smoother.) He is then told to change and I check on Ms.A. She is still standing in front of her closet deciding what “mood” she is going to wear. Ugh! These are the days I wish for uniforms!

Nala is done with being outside and is jumping against the slider door to get my attention. In fear of her breaking a bone, I rush downstairs to let her in. I then throw her food in a bowl with hopes for a few minutes of peace while finishing up the lunches. The big kids wander down and settle in for breakfast. I am prodding them along with prompts every few minutes to eat up when I hear Dragon screeching from her room.

I go back upstairs and scoop her out of bed and bring her to the changing table to get freshened up. I then hear the big kids coming up to see her. Ms.A is in her closet trying to pick out an outfit and Mr.D is showing her his new scary faces…. I am at my limit. I send them back down to breakfast, praying that Nala didn’t “clean up” for them and start changing Dragon.

Finally, I am back downstairs with Dragon and I set her in her chair while I try to finish up the lunches. She is having none of that… Ms.A then offer to finish the lunches while I make a bottle and then Mr.D offers to feed her.


I sit down, brush off a chewed on squeaky snake that was placed in my lap, and take a much needed sip of my orange juice.

I guess it’s not so bad….as I see the school bus roll by.



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We love Snow!

I just love it when it snows. I love to see the winter ground and bare trees get a blanket of white. I love to get out and breathe the crisp air and be bundled in my favorite warm clothes. I really try to make the best of this season which so many people complain about.

So…. this weekend I took Ms.A and Mr.D for the first time this year out to the slopes, while Dragon got to spend some quality time with Hubby at home. Now, I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking there are mountains to ski on in Ohio. The slopes I am speaking of involve the sides of a large hill. You wait in the lift line and ride up in under three minutes and ski down in less than one. If you are Ms.A and skip some turns (very frowned upon by me), it takes you about thirty seconds. Anyhow, it still is great fun and a wonderful way to spend some time outdoor.

Ms.A has been skiing independently since the age of three. I would take her skiing almost every nice day and we would just have fun. She also was spoiled by having all the attention of the Ski Patrollers on my duty shift. She was hard to resist. Now as a preteen her technique has leveled out and skiing has become a social event for her. I don’t mind, just yet, but if she doesn’t clean up her technique, some lessons will be in her future.

Mr.D is a different story. He didn’t walk till he was two, so that lead to us holding him back. He also is not the adventurous type and learning from Mommy was not working. This meant signing him up for Tiny Tots ski lessons. After two years of lessons he still is only tandem skiing (skiing parallel to me holding my ski pole, I initiate all the turns, I stop us). Definitely not something I want to be doing with a kid who is almost sixty pounds.

So… I loaded us up and had a goal of getting some good practice in.


Yeah… Not so easy when the five year old would rather build snow monster instead of ski.

Lucky for me it was a sunny day and I chilled out on the deck catching some rays while Mr.D played in front of the patrol hut and Ms.A skied with friends.


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Can’t get enough of our Dragon!


What a little blessing…she is the type of baby that would want you to have more. Even Hubby admitted that! Hmm, interesting thought to ponder…..

In reality, she does have those moments. Those moments of full out blood curdling screaming that last and last, for no absolute reason. The difficulties of being soothed by us. (That’s the worst one). I still can’t get over the fact that if I lay her down and walk away, she soothes herself in less than a minute. But…if I try to rub her back, rock her, sing to her…it winds her way up. Hubby made mention that it might be the singing…Ha Ha..

Then there is always the challenge of introducing different foods. Fingers in the mouth, refusal to even open her mouth, and the cat-like hacking it out. I am spending at least a half an hour working on just spoonfuls of food, with only minimal amounts reaching the required destination. I use all those great techniques… The pretend eating, the making yummy sounds, the airplane spoon, the sneaking in.. Once again, Hubby had a smart comment for her possible refusal… Ha Ha

But really, what child is so different from this….
What child comes without challenges….
What child is easy to figure out…

My patience, that has been tested and worked on these past seven years waiting, is being put to good use. Things will eventually work themselves out. They always do. Then the next challenge will presents itself. Isn’t that what parenting is all about?

It is so very nice to have a baby in the house after all this time. Even when she wakes every hour with what seems to be little night terrors that I can do nothing about. Even when I stubbed my toe for the tenth time on the exersaucer that is clearly sitting in plain view. Even when I am dragging Nala off the counter for what seems to be the millionth time, because she discovered some yummy left over baby food. Even when I need to wake up before my normal time, if I want to even attempt to get a shower in before the crew starts going.

Dragon has been with us less than a month and at home for just over two weeks…Yet, she fits in perfectly…Like she was always meant to be!


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Two weeks home


We have teeth. Yes, her two bottom teeth are poking through!

Dragon is adjusting well into the family. She is sleeping well at night. Bedtime is around 8pm and she usually wakes up around 7am. All I can say is…spectacular!!!!! For all that know me well, I need my twelve hours of beauty sleep… Alright, I need my eight hours to be a happy mommy. Currently, I am one happy and rested mommy. Sleep makes such a difference in how one function during the day and I have no excuses.

The eating is going better. Dragon is on our family eating schedule … breakfast, lunch, and dinner… She is managing her vegetables and fruit well. We even had a second go at puffs and she didn’t spit them out.

Our busy schedule is only successful with the help of Opa. He really stepped up and has taken on the driving to after school activities. What an unbelievable blessing to have! Dragon has done her debut at the dance studio and is already signed up for classes.. Just kidding!

I am still getting use to all the baby gear. It looks like a toy store exploded in our house. I have to make a point of adding an extra 15 minutes to my prep time when we leave the house. I try to keep the basics packed in the diaper bag, but it still needs packed every time. The car seat is a whole other issue. It is unbelievable heavy. Either the design has changed to add weight or I am just getting old. I think it’s the latter.

So far, no stupid question or comments. I am sure those will come once we are out and about. Currently, when we go out she is covered up due to the cold temps.

She is home two weeks and the changes are unbelievable. Everyday she does something new. The big kids are great helpers and look forward to spending time with their baby sister… Lets hope this last!


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One week home.

We have been home for a week now and we are started to get into a routine. Key word is starting. I think we are finally over our jet lag. No more waking up at 3 am.

Dragon slept through the night for the first time. From 10 pm till 5 am. Not bad. I will take seven hours of consecutive sleep any day. Her eating is another story. She really isn’t interested at all in food. We have tried carrots, sweet potatoes, and applesauce. She takes one or two spoonfuls and then her hand is in her mouth and or she spits/ screams it out. oh, what fun! I have been doing a lot of laundry lately… Orange is hard to get out.

I have gotten the rest of the crew back in routine. Ms.A is swamped with school work. It’s end of the quarter and the teachers are trying to finish things up. Dance season is just around the corner and costumes are getting measured for and routines are being finished up. Mr.D has started the sparring part of orange belt. He is currently running from his opponent instead of punching and kicking. Very comical for all the parents watching in the waiting area. Very frustrating for Master Paul. I think he might regret inviting Mr.D to this new class.

Nala is gaining the weight back from her stint at daycare. She seems happy to be back home. She has found her new buddy to shadow… It helps that Dragon is always covered with something yummy.



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The doctor visit

We have been home since Thursday and first thing on Monday…we had a doctor visit to get Dragon checked over. I had made this appointment before we left and was happy to be seeing someone so soon.

I arrived at the office at 8:30 am and was able to give them a translated copy of her immunization records, her daily schedule, and the original medical info from her referral packet. They assigned us a room and we got started.

Her stats…. She is 16.2 pounds, which is the 10%…she is the 50% for height, which surprised me….and her head is the 25%.

They went over all that I knew about her routine so far and advised me on a feeding schedule to move her into. We are now trying to eat rice cereal for breakfast with a regular bottle of formula (versus the thickened one she is use to). For lunch and dinner we are adding a vegetable and a bottle. Starting with the orange vegetables and moving to the green ones. Introducing one at a time for three days before moving on. Then the same process for fruits. They want to get Dragon to be on the family eating schedule with an extra bottle before bed. So far it’s working well. We have tried sweet potatoes and carrots with success.

They next thing the nurse did was document all her scars and Mongolian spots. She has several of each. They checked her ears, lungs, and heart out and all looked good. My concern with her head shape did not alarm them and they said this was typical of children who were laid down for a large periods of time.

The last thing was immunization. I refused all of them. I asked for them to do a blood analysis and then we could set up a schedule to spread things out. They agreed that this would be an acceptable way to handle her immunization.

Dragon did get one…the flu shot. The flu is running rampant in our area and she will get a second one in a month. I was advised to keep her secluded from others and be persistent on asking those who touch her to hand wash.

We were then sent to the lab at our local children’s hospital. They took four vials of blood from a screaming Dragon. Where was I?..standing in the doorway almost in tears. Next they attached a urine sac to catch a sample to analyze. They sent us back out in the lobby to wait for her to urinate. After a two hour wait, she final complied. But in the meantime the sac had shifted and much of the urine ended in her infant car seat. The staff helped me clean her up and tried to salvage what they could. The sent us home with a kit to collect a stool sample…what fun!

My sweet little Dragon is doing great. She is such a happy child the majority of the time. She loves watching her big sister and brother and finds them very funny. Nala, the dog, is still a mystery to her. She watches her with amazement. I am sure when food starts flying they will be best of friends! We have found that Dragon soothes herself to sleep within minutes by herself. She will wind her self up, if someone tries to rub her back or rock her to sleep. She recognizes our faces and voices and can give us the most lovely smiles. She loves to blow raspberries and the more you laugh the more she will do. We have heard her say the sounds mama and baba, which make me smile!

She completes our family. She was well worth the wait!!!






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We made it home!

We had a loooooong day. Left our hotel/brothel (yes it was a hole in the wall that seemed very very busy) at 4:30 am and headed to the Beijing Airport. We got through our first layer of security and went to check in. Delta then told us that they did not have record that a ticket was bought for Dragon… Lots of “discussions” with the staff until we just caved and re-bought her ticket.

We moved on to the next step of security. After waiting in line, we finally stepped up to the yellow line for our turn, only to find out we didn’t fill out the departure cards for each person. We stepped out of line, found the cards, and got back into line.

The clock was ticking and we had less than 30 minutes to make our flight. After the departure cards were processed we went to the third layer of security. Dragon and I were pulled aside because of her recently bought ticket. It raised a red flag for them. That took a little time and a supervisor who spoke English needed to come over to help out. Hubby and Ms.A were on the other side waiting and wondering what the problem was. I think they finally had mercy on me when Dragon started screeching like a pterodactyl….they waved me on. We both got another pat down and made it through. At this point we thought we might miss our flight, so we hustled to our gate and got in line to board.

We showed our boarding passes, got scanned in, and then went through our last security check. All our bags opened, another pat down, and swabbed for explosives.

The flight was just over twelve hours long and Dragon started it off with the first hour of SCREAMING. I was almost in tears thinking about how I would make it. But.. She finally collapsed of pure exhaustion. We managed the rest of the flight with little naps, a couple of bottles, and flirting with the other passengers. That would be Dragon, not Hubby…

We reached Detroit at 6:30 am and were surprised to be meet with a bunch of balloons and my dear friend Lori.


We found our car and started the three hour trip home. Dragon settled right into her car seat and fell fast asleep.


Ms.A crashed hard.

Opa was at our home to greet us. Dragon definitely has a thing for handsome men with accents and took right to him.



Mr.D came home from school and made a B-line to his new sister. After a few silly faces and crazy sounds, they became fast friends! Hubby and I could not get over the fact that he seemed to have grown while we were gone. We sure missed our little man!

We were blessed with a wonderful meal made by dear friends of my parents. They knew that my mom would have done this and they stepped up and filled the gap. It meant so much….

It is currently 1am in the morning and Dragon woke up. I gave her a bottle and changed her pants. She fell back asleep and now I am wide awake. I am on my second load of laundry and am starting my “to do” list.

It was the most emotional day yet on this journey. Seven years of waiting and now we are done. Dragon is home were she belongs and she is loving it!



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