Recap of Gotcha Day

I am not sure where I left off on my posting. I have been posting through a “back door” email account, so I can not check on the site or approve any comments. For some reason I can see all the comments made, but can not respond.

Well anyhow, here is the recap…

The babies (three of them) were suppose to arrive in conference room six of the Galatic Hotel at around 10:30. We, of course, were down there at 10. The babies did not arrive till about 11:30. We had to show identification and then fill out some forms, each one sealed with a thumb print. The longest one being a summary of why we wanted to adopt. They gave us half an hour break to gather our things and meet the bus.

We then had to go to three different offices located it seemed in opposite sides of the town. The first was an adoption office were we had our pictures taken and interview done. The second was the police station were Dragon was scanned into the computer and info typed in. The last was the notary.. more forms and another interview. My favorite question of the day… “Do you like the girl?”

Mind you, this is all being done with a brand new child in your arms. A child who has never been in a vehicle, elevator, or in the arms of a white person before. Not a pleasant experience for the little ones or parents.

We got back after a long day and decided to eat in the hotel that night. Dragon refused to eat anything that entire day and she was running a fever. I was a worried mommie.

The night was OK. She had a fitful sleep and so did we. That morning she woke up and decided to eat!!!! We were so relieved. Echo then took us out to a beautiful park via taxi cab. It reminded me of Central Park in NY. Since it was January 1st, the park was decorated and busy. The Chinese had a three day holiday. Echo then took us to a local market were she does her shopping. It was so crowded that even Hubby was uneasy about the situation.

We got back to the Hotel and Hubby put Dragon down for a nap and Ms.A and I walked to the grocery store to buy some rice cereal and snacks. We then tried to bring some KFC home for dinner. I tried to order a bucket meal… We did get a bucket, but the meal was questionable.

Last night Dragon slept well. She went to bed at 8:00 and slept till 6:00. She woke up with poopy pants, so all is well!!!!



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3 responses to “Recap of Gotcha Day

  1. I think that flower is bigger than her head. She looks adorable and she loves those 2 fingers. Great skyping with you tonite.

  2. chris

    very very happy for all of you! Enjoy China and take pics of dragon with her home land in the back ground- especially the park and common places- she is a gem!

  3. Congrats Divis family! Looking forward to meeting the little one when you get home.

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