Hanging out in Nanchang

It seems like we have been going full speed everyday. Touring the beautiful sites, visiting local shops, attempting to eat meals, and getting to know our Little Dragon. She has really opened up these last few days. She smiles when we interact with her and is full of laughs for her big sister. She is drinking her bottles with no problems now and is sleeping in the crib at night and naps.

Today, I was reprimanded by some older women for not dressing Dragon with proper shoes. So far everyday, one of us moms did not dress our babies to the Chinese standards and they let you know it. They are very hands on and come right up to you and touch the babies. Ms. A has had her hair touched to many times to count. Today she was asked at least five times to have her picture taken. Some people don’t even ask and just stand in front of you and snap away. A bit like paparazzi.

The girls got some down time while I started packing up. Ms. A set up her Nook and they watch a show.

Tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou. Dragon’s first airplane ride. Cross our fingers and hope for the best!


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One response to “Hanging out in Nanchang

  1. chris

    She’s a little peanut sitting next to Ms. A! God speed!

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