Traveling to Guangzhou

Yesterday was a full day of traveling. We woke up to a snow covered Nanchang, which resulted in standstill traffic. We were told instead of our 11 am departure from the hotel, we would leave at 9:30. That gave us ten minutes to pack suitcases and prepare the babies for travel. A normal hour trip to the airport dragged into almost three. We did make it just in time to catch our flight.

Security was a nightmare. You do not go through as a family. You go individually. Ms. A went first and was frisked. Then Hubby with Dragon. He was told to hand her over and she was patted down as well. I was watching all this behind the yellow line until they called me through. I was so happy when I could get Dragon back in my arms. During the security check, Ms.A was waiting patiently for us while people were standing right in front of her taking her photo. I didn’t mind when they would ask, but this was a little extreme. When I finally reached her, I quickly turned her around and blocked the photographers.

The plane ride went unbelievably well. We walked right to the gate and walked right on. Dragon played a bit and then went to sleep. She was a trooper!

Ms. A is doing spectacular. I told her that I could take her anywhere!

Today we head to the medical exam. I can’t wait to see what this all involves.



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4 responses to “Traveling to Guangzhou

  1. Yeh, how about that medical exam? Especially the hearing test! You’ll like this city though. Go to Lucy’s for dinner, often.

  2. Renee Beard

    You will be underwhelmed by the medical exam. But with everything else you’ve had to do, underwhelming is welcomed! Enjoy Guangzhou and your time in China. The baby is so beautiful.

  3. chris

    Marc looks so content with Dragon.

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