Medical appointment

We had the “so called” medical appointment. They took us to a medical building that was for people that were traveling. More paperwork needed filling out and another picture of Dragon needed to be taken. This time she was asleep and I needed to wake her. Her photo was of a screaming baby, but they accepted it. We then were brought to our first cubicle and the sign read ENT. The gentleman squeaked a dog toy to she if Dragon would look and she did. He looked into one of her ears and then checked her mouth for teeth. All of this done without gloves or hand washing of any kind. The next person checked her feet, listened to her heart, palpated her abdomen, and did a quick look in her diaper. We then moved to the last station. A young lady took her temp, weighed her, and measured her. Mind you, she was fully clothed in her snowsuit because they had no heat in this building. (She weigh 16.8 pounds and was 66 cm long.)

Listening for the squeaky toy.

Special section just for us.

Tomorrow we are going to an island that is full of stores and “western” restaurants. It’s about a twenty minute bus ride away and the hotel is providing strollers for us.

We can’t wait to eat something that resembles food from home.



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2 responses to “Medical appointment

  1. Jim

    Enjoy eating at Lucy’s. There is some good shopping nearby too.

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