We went to the zoo in Guangzhou!

Guess where we went….

We went to the zoo!

The passports never arrived, so we needed to reschedule the consulate appointment for tomorrow at 8 am. This may lead to a huge problem if they ( the government ) are not able to process it and get our visa done in one day. Cross our fingers that everything works out.

So… We had an afternoon free and saw that Guangzhou had the third largest zoo in China. We decided to be very adventurous and not only go on our own, but also take the subway to the zoo.

We were lucky to run into a very helpful Chinese student who showed us how to purchase tokens and another non-English speaker walked us to the right train line. As soon as we entered the train, we were immediately offered seats.

The Chinese people have left a wonderful impression on me. Very helpful, courteous to foreigners, and very willing to try to communicate.

We made it to the zoo and managed to buy tickets. The zoo was split into several section… An amusement park, a sea animal park, a goldfish pond park, and animal park. We chose the animal park. They had a huge selection of animals. Some of the enclosures were older concrete cages. While others seemed more modern. We saw many people tossing food to the animals, even though there were signs prohibiting that. We also were surprised at how close we could get to the animals. Ms.A was able to feed the giraffes…when we paid a small sum to the keeper.

The afternoon was very pleasant and I would recommend this to anyone visiting with children. Hubby would disagree, saying that a large portion of the animals should have been humanely euthanized or served in the local restaurant.

Oh well, at least we can say we saw a panda in China!


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  1. What a great picture of all of you. Glad you got to see the zoo but sorry for the circumstances. I hope this doesn’t delay your departure.

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