We got our Visa!

We showed up at the consulate for the second day in a row with hopes that we would get all our paperwork processed. We got in line and then went through security. We then were directed to sit in a waiting room in front of three vacant windows marked 30, 31, and 32. We waited and waited and the waiting room soon was filled to capacity with adoptive families. We recognized many from our hotel, shopping trip to Shaiman Island, and eating at western restaurants.

The agents soon arrived and we were asked as a group to give an oath about our declarations. We were the second family called to the window. A few papers to sign, a packet to give them, and we were done!

They told us they would try to process the paperwork and have it done by the afternoon… But no promises were made.

Well… They did it! We have her Chinese passport and visa to enter in the United States. When we arrive at customs in Detroit, Dragon will be a citizen of the Untied States!

We are leaving for Beijing this afternoon and will stay the night there. Tomorrow morning we have a 6:40 am flight to Detroit.

We are so excited to be coming home!!!!



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4 responses to “We got our Visa!

  1. Dawn Deran

    Yeah! I am so happy things went smoothly! Love you guys and can’t wait to meet dragon!

  2. chris

    phew! remember- take a nap on the plane- take turns watching Dragon- can’t wait to see you all!

  3. Renee Beard

    Yea! So happy for you all! Safe travels!
    The Beards

  4. Yeah. Safe travels. Great skyping one more time last nite. Deep breaths, last leg of the long journey! Can’t wait to meet our girl.

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