We made it home!

We had a loooooong day. Left our hotel/brothel (yes it was a hole in the wall that seemed very very busy) at 4:30 am and headed to the Beijing Airport. We got through our first layer of security and went to check in. Delta then told us that they did not have record that a ticket was bought for Dragon… Lots of “discussions” with the staff until we just caved and re-bought her ticket.

We moved on to the next step of security. After waiting in line, we finally stepped up to the yellow line for our turn, only to find out we didn’t fill out the departure cards for each person. We stepped out of line, found the cards, and got back into line.

The clock was ticking and we had less than 30 minutes to make our flight. After the departure cards were processed we went to the third layer of security. Dragon and I were pulled aside because of her recently bought ticket. It raised a red flag for them. That took a little time and a supervisor who spoke English needed to come over to help out. Hubby and Ms.A were on the other side waiting and wondering what the problem was. I think they finally had mercy on me when Dragon started screeching like a pterodactyl….they waved me on. We both got another pat down and made it through. At this point we thought we might miss our flight, so we hustled to our gate and got in line to board.

We showed our boarding passes, got scanned in, and then went through our last security check. All our bags opened, another pat down, and swabbed for explosives.

The flight was just over twelve hours long and Dragon started it off with the first hour of SCREAMING. I was almost in tears thinking about how I would make it. But.. She finally collapsed of pure exhaustion. We managed the rest of the flight with little naps, a couple of bottles, and flirting with the other passengers. That would be Dragon, not Hubby…

We reached Detroit at 6:30 am and were surprised to be meet with a bunch of balloons and my dear friend Lori.


We found our car and started the three hour trip home. Dragon settled right into her car seat and fell fast asleep.


Ms.A crashed hard.

Opa was at our home to greet us. Dragon definitely has a thing for handsome men with accents and took right to him.



Mr.D came home from school and made a B-line to his new sister. After a few silly faces and crazy sounds, they became fast friends! Hubby and I could not get over the fact that he seemed to have grown while we were gone. We sure missed our little man!

We were blessed with a wonderful meal made by dear friends of my parents. They knew that my mom would have done this and they stepped up and filled the gap. It meant so much….

It is currently 1am in the morning and Dragon woke up. I gave her a bottle and changed her pants. She fell back asleep and now I am wide awake. I am on my second load of laundry and am starting my “to do” list.

It was the most emotional day yet on this journey. Seven years of waiting and now we are done. Dragon is home were she belongs and she is loving it!




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7 responses to “We made it home!

  1. It has been amazing to read about your journey to China. Thank you for sharing with us. Welcome home. xxx

  2. chris

    wow! I think your Dragon has good taste in men. =)
    welcome home!

  3. So glad to finally have you home, especially Baby J. Can’t wait to see everyone and my monster is dying to meet her.

  4. Angie

    So glad you are home safe!!! Mora and Keegan want to know when the “meet Julia” party is??!!!

  5. Renee Beard

    Thank God! Now enjoy!!!!!!

  6. I’ve really enjoyed sharing your adventure and so pleased that everything has turned out well for you all. Welcome home!

  7. Mary Jo Bethem

    You are very welcome! So glad to do our part to welcome you and your new daughter/sister home! What a lovely little girl!

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