The doctor visit

We have been home since Thursday and first thing on Monday…we had a doctor visit to get Dragon checked over. I had made this appointment before we left and was happy to be seeing someone so soon.

I arrived at the office at 8:30 am and was able to give them a translated copy of her immunization records, her daily schedule, and the original medical info from her referral packet. They assigned us a room and we got started.

Her stats…. She is 16.2 pounds, which is the 10%…she is the 50% for height, which surprised me….and her head is the 25%.

They went over all that I knew about her routine so far and advised me on a feeding schedule to move her into. We are now trying to eat rice cereal for breakfast with a regular bottle of formula (versus the thickened one she is use to). For lunch and dinner we are adding a vegetable and a bottle. Starting with the orange vegetables and moving to the green ones. Introducing one at a time for three days before moving on. Then the same process for fruits. They want to get Dragon to be on the family eating schedule with an extra bottle before bed. So far it’s working well. We have tried sweet potatoes and carrots with success.

They next thing the nurse did was document all her scars and Mongolian spots. She has several of each. They checked her ears, lungs, and heart out and all looked good. My concern with her head shape did not alarm them and they said this was typical of children who were laid down for a large periods of time.

The last thing was immunization. I refused all of them. I asked for them to do a blood analysis and then we could set up a schedule to spread things out. They agreed that this would be an acceptable way to handle her immunization.

Dragon did get one…the flu shot. The flu is running rampant in our area and she will get a second one in a month. I was advised to keep her secluded from others and be persistent on asking those who touch her to hand wash.

We were then sent to the lab at our local children’s hospital. They took four vials of blood from a screaming Dragon. Where was I?..standing in the doorway almost in tears. Next they attached a urine sac to catch a sample to analyze. They sent us back out in the lobby to wait for her to urinate. After a two hour wait, she final complied. But in the meantime the sac had shifted and much of the urine ended in her infant car seat. The staff helped me clean her up and tried to salvage what they could. The sent us home with a kit to collect a stool sample…what fun!

My sweet little Dragon is doing great. She is such a happy child the majority of the time. She loves watching her big sister and brother and finds them very funny. Nala, the dog, is still a mystery to her. She watches her with amazement. I am sure when food starts flying they will be best of friends! We have found that Dragon soothes herself to sleep within minutes by herself. She will wind her self up, if someone tries to rub her back or rock her to sleep. She recognizes our faces and voices and can give us the most lovely smiles. She loves to blow raspberries and the more you laugh the more she will do. We have heard her say the sounds mama and baba, which make me smile!

She completes our family. She was well worth the wait!!!







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4 responses to “The doctor visit

  1. What a precious little girl! I hope she continues to stay healthy this winter.

  2. She’s beautiful, so glad she’s settling into your family life so well. If must be such a huge relief to have her home with you, free from all the red tape and procedural stuff. What a journey! Congrats!

  3. chris

    great idea to space out the immunizations- you’re a good mama!

  4. She’s adjusting so well, like Sydney did. You’re very lucky- it makes everything so much easier!

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