Two weeks home


We have teeth. Yes, her two bottom teeth are poking through!

Dragon is adjusting well into the family. She is sleeping well at night. Bedtime is around 8pm and she usually wakes up around 7am. All I can say is…spectacular!!!!! For all that know me well, I need my twelve hours of beauty sleep… Alright, I need my eight hours to be a happy mommy. Currently, I am one happy and rested mommy. Sleep makes such a difference in how one function during the day and I have no excuses.

The eating is going better. Dragon is on our family eating schedule … breakfast, lunch, and dinner… She is managing her vegetables and fruit well. We even had a second go at puffs and she didn’t spit them out.

Our busy schedule is only successful with the help of Opa. He really stepped up and has taken on the driving to after school activities. What an unbelievable blessing to have! Dragon has done her debut at the dance studio and is already signed up for classes.. Just kidding!

I am still getting use to all the baby gear. It looks like a toy store exploded in our house. I have to make a point of adding an extra 15 minutes to my prep time when we leave the house. I try to keep the basics packed in the diaper bag, but it still needs packed every time. The car seat is a whole other issue. It is unbelievable heavy. Either the design has changed to add weight or I am just getting old. I think it’s the latter.

So far, no stupid question or comments. I am sure those will come once we are out and about. Currently, when we go out she is covered up due to the cold temps.

She is home two weeks and the changes are unbelievable. Everyday she does something new. The big kids are great helpers and look forward to spending time with their baby sister… Lets hope this last!



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5 responses to “Two weeks home

  1. Hilarious picture! Can’t believe teeth already. Can’t wait to see her this Sunday. Bringing left over diapers for you. Sydney never got our of size 3.

  2. Maryann

    What a great job DRAGON DID ON HER “two teeth” pose! Too cute!!!!

  3. chris

    still waitin for that panda dance!

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