Can’t get enough of our Dragon!


What a little blessing…she is the type of baby that would want you to have more. Even Hubby admitted that! Hmm, interesting thought to ponder…..

In reality, she does have those moments. Those moments of full out blood curdling screaming that last and last, for no absolute reason. The difficulties of being soothed by us. (That’s the worst one). I still can’t get over the fact that if I lay her down and walk away, she soothes herself in less than a minute. But…if I try to rub her back, rock her, sing to her…it winds her way up. Hubby made mention that it might be the singing…Ha Ha..

Then there is always the challenge of introducing different foods. Fingers in the mouth, refusal to even open her mouth, and the cat-like hacking it out. I am spending at least a half an hour working on just spoonfuls of food, with only minimal amounts reaching the required destination. I use all those great techniques… The pretend eating, the making yummy sounds, the airplane spoon, the sneaking in.. Once again, Hubby had a smart comment for her possible refusal… Ha Ha

But really, what child is so different from this….
What child comes without challenges….
What child is easy to figure out…

My patience, that has been tested and worked on these past seven years waiting, is being put to good use. Things will eventually work themselves out. They always do. Then the next challenge will presents itself. Isn’t that what parenting is all about?

It is so very nice to have a baby in the house after all this time. Even when she wakes every hour with what seems to be little night terrors that I can do nothing about. Even when I stubbed my toe for the tenth time on the exersaucer that is clearly sitting in plain view. Even when I am dragging Nala off the counter for what seems to be the millionth time, because she discovered some yummy left over baby food. Even when I need to wake up before my normal time, if I want to even attempt to get a shower in before the crew starts going.

Dragon has been with us less than a month and at home for just over two weeks…Yet, she fits in perfectly…Like she was always meant to be!



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