We love Snow!

I just love it when it snows. I love to see the winter ground and bare trees get a blanket of white. I love to get out and breathe the crisp air and be bundled in my favorite warm clothes. I really try to make the best of this season which so many people complain about.

So…. this weekend I took Ms.A and Mr.D for the first time this year out to the slopes, while Dragon got to spend some quality time with Hubby at home. Now, I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking there are mountains to ski on in Ohio. The slopes I am speaking of involve the sides of a large hill. You wait in the lift line and ride up in under three minutes and ski down in less than one. If you are Ms.A and skip some turns (very frowned upon by me), it takes you about thirty seconds. Anyhow, it still is great fun and a wonderful way to spend some time outdoor.

Ms.A has been skiing independently since the age of three. I would take her skiing almost every nice day and we would just have fun. She also was spoiled by having all the attention of the Ski Patrollers on my duty shift. She was hard to resist. Now as a preteen her technique has leveled out and skiing has become a social event for her. I don’t mind, just yet, but if she doesn’t clean up her technique, some lessons will be in her future.

Mr.D is a different story. He didn’t walk till he was two, so that lead to us holding him back. He also is not the adventurous type and learning from Mommy was not working. This meant signing him up for Tiny Tots ski lessons. After two years of lessons he still is only tandem skiing (skiing parallel to me holding my ski pole, I initiate all the turns, I stop us). Definitely not something I want to be doing with a kid who is almost sixty pounds.

So… I loaded us up and had a goal of getting some good practice in.


Yeah… Not so easy when the five year old would rather build snow monster instead of ski.

Lucky for me it was a sunny day and I chilled out on the deck catching some rays while Mr.D played in front of the patrol hut and Ms.A skied with friends.



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