I am outnumbered!

I recall hearing from friends who have multiple children…going from one child to two is difficult…. But from two to three kids is easy….

Are they insane?!

Hubby and I are official outnumbered!

I just can’t seem to catch my breath around here. It’s been a month and you would think I would have the hang of things around here. Not so much!

Here is a perfect example… Last night the power went out and that meant the morning start was off by just a few minutes. Not sure why, since we have a back up on the alarm clock, but we were late getting up. Hubby leaves for work way before anyone is up, so I am on my own and every minute is allotted for something.

so…I am hustling around getting lunches made and breakfast laid out. (These thing can’t be done ahead of time due to a certain four legged family member who will do anything to get at food, dishes, or anything related to either.) Nala then decides to ring her bell to be let out and I have learned that this is not a sign to ignore. Yet, when she put her nose out she decided to change her mind. I, knowing not to chance it, put on her coat and shove her out the door. In the meantime Mr.D decided to put on a summer/Halloween outfit to wear to school. I then go upstairs and point out the outfit that I laid out the night before. (Yes, I have figured out that if I do somethings the night before it makes the morning go smoother.) He is then told to change and I check on Ms.A. She is still standing in front of her closet deciding what “mood” she is going to wear. Ugh! These are the days I wish for uniforms!

Nala is done with being outside and is jumping against the slider door to get my attention. In fear of her breaking a bone, I rush downstairs to let her in. I then throw her food in a bowl with hopes for a few minutes of peace while finishing up the lunches. The big kids wander down and settle in for breakfast. I am prodding them along with prompts every few minutes to eat up when I hear Dragon screeching from her room.

I go back upstairs and scoop her out of bed and bring her to the changing table to get freshened up. I then hear the big kids coming up to see her. Ms.A is in her closet trying to pick out an outfit and Mr.D is showing her his new scary faces…. I am at my limit. I send them back down to breakfast, praying that Nala didn’t “clean up” for them and start changing Dragon.

Finally, I am back downstairs with Dragon and I set her in her chair while I try to finish up the lunches. She is having none of that… Ms.A then offer to finish the lunches while I make a bottle and then Mr.D offers to feed her.


I sit down, brush off a chewed on squeaky snake that was placed in my lap, and take a much needed sip of my orange juice.

I guess it’s not so bad….as I see the school bus roll by.



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2 responses to “I am outnumbered!

  1. Hilarious. That’s why I am stopping at one. Two if you count Jim.

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