Help Me Grow

Today we had a visit from an organization called “Help Me Grow”. Two social workers came to visit us at home and determine if Dragon could benefit from services that are available to any child (birth through three years) who show delays. Mr.D was also referred to this program at the age of one by our pediatrician. He received physical, occupational, and speech therapy until he turned three. He then moved into the public school system where he is current receiving services in the preschool program. What a huge deference early intervention can do for children. I am such a huge proponent of this. I can’t imagine where he would be right now without all the therapies he received.

Anyhow…Dragon was just a little sweetheart through the whole evaluation. It just happened to be the same two women who did Mr.D intake. They were so pleased to see how much he had progressed and were so happy to meet our Dragon.

She was tested for all sorts of things and there was a lot of paperwork to fill out. Needless to say, she qualified. No surprise! She is functioning at the range of a 4-6 month old and will be referred for speech, physical, and occupational therapy at the same “County Board of Developmental Disabilities” school Mr.D went.

Now we just have to wait for an opening….but we are really good at that!




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4 responses to “Help Me Grow

  1. We did a similar program for Oliver once he and sis were home. (She didn’t test into it). It was a great resource. I loved having a child development expert to ask all sort of random parenting/development questions! (tantrums, throwing food off highchair, etc.)

  2. Your county is so different. Sydney just got visits at home. There was no place to go to.

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