Shopping with Grandma

Grandma and Poppy flew into town for the first visit with Dragon. Her baptism is this Sunday and it has grown into a grand affair. The guest list is just reaching over 100. Hubby jokes that it’s just like wedding… He only wishes…

All the preparations are done and we can just sit down and relax….

But wait… Poppy and Hubby decide to replace my kitchen faucet and work on some other household repairs. It looks very complicated and lots of tools are out. There is big discussions between the two and lots of referring to the manual. It also seems like there are a lot of extra parts around….Should I be concerned? I just hope my sink will be in working condition by tonight…

So instead of “watching” the progress, Grandma and I decided to get away from the “mess” and do a quick trip to the mall.

What started as a quick trip, turned into some serious shopping.

You have to love Gymboree!

She got a fun new hat, winter dress coat, some swim suits, sun hat, sweater, tops with shorts, tops with capris, and a pair of fancy pants.

Thanks Grandma!



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