Dragon’s big day!

This Sunday our little Dragon was Baptized in our family church. The same church were I had my First Communion and Confirmation, the big kids were Baptized, and Oma’s funeral was held. We had invited over 100 friends and family to participate in this beautiful ceremony and then join us for brunch afterwards.

Dragon did wonderfully in church. No crying or fussing, and very alert through the whole thing. At one point she got hold of the priest’s finger and wouldn’t let it go.

The reception afterwards gave us the opportunity to thank everyone for their support during our seven year adoption process and for us to officially introduce her to them. We have been keeping her away from others for not only health reasons, but to form some good bonding to us. With this in mind, I tried to keep her in my arms the whole time, but she was occasional snatched away from me to get cuddled by others.



Dragon did outstanding! I couldn’t be prouder of her! The ceremony ran smoothly and the reception was a big success!




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6 responses to “Dragon’s big day!

  1. It was such a beautiful day and she was a trooper through it all. I don’t blame her for falling asleep exhausted. Sydney conked out on the way home.

  2. Sam

    Yay, Baptism day is big stuff, congrats to you, your family, and your little Dragon.

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