11 months of a Dragon!

Little Dragon is 11 months old now and is really starting to grow. We have had custody of her since December 31st and have been home with her since January 10th. I thought it would be a great opportunity to post an update on her progress.

She has gained two pounds in the last month and is weighing in at 18 pounds, putting her in the 10th percentile. Its amazing what some food can do. She currently wears nine month clothing, with some things that are in the twelve month size. Her diaper size is three and yes there is a HUGE difference in brand! To bad for me that I have to work through a case of the wrong brand…

Gross motor skills are really improving. She can official roll with a purpose, yet always ends up under the coffee table. We are still not able to leave her unattended while sitting up. She topples over at any moment and makes no attempt to stop herself. She bears weight on her legs like a champ and would literally jump off if you weren’t holding tight.

On the fine motor side, she has figured out that she can grab things with her hands and pull or even throw what she has acquired. It’s lots of fun playing the game “pick up the toy, spoon, food before Nala gets it.” Even more fun pulling at Ms.A hair. She has not figured out the pincher skill, which would be the next step to self feeding. Lastly, she has found her feet. I was told that this was a stage in development and I am pleased she has hit that mark.

Her current toy preference are the stacking rings, some crinkle toys, and her mirror. Go figure on the mirror!

She is eating three meals a day now. Baby yogurt and a bottle for breakfast. At lunch she gobbles up half a jar of a fruit and a vegetable with a bottle. For dinner she eats the other half of the fruit and vegetable with another bottle. Then right before bed she gets one more bottle. She has eaten puffs when they are placed in her mouth, but has yet to pick them up on her own. Finally, she loves to try to drink from your glass. Most of it runs down her face, but she thinks it is great fun.

Medically she looks great. We just have to do a major catch up on ALL the vaccinations. We made a plan of going in every two weeks until we are caught up. Dragon gets all her medical needs meet by our family pediatrician, but we have decided to seek consult from an adoption clinic at our local children’s hospital. This was the best decision we have made to date. The clinic specializes in internationally adopted children and knows what to look for, test for, and be aware of with little ones from China. They set us up with a few more test that our pediatrician omitted. Gave us a written plan for getting through her immunizations. They also gave us a referral to have a specialist check out her eyes and to get a full hearing screening done.

I really feel that I have covered everything possible on the medical side. They also were able to discuss the sleeping issues with us and give us some advice to work with.

Developmentally she is functioning between four months and six months. Dragon has qualified for services through Help Me Grow and will start receiving speech, occupational, and physical therapy in March. We will be going to the Achievement Center where Mr.D went.

She still loves to blow raspberries and can make a few more sounds… Dada, Yaya, Mama, Nana. She loves to make noises and the louder the environment, the louder she gets. The one exception is church. She makes her presence known the entire time. I even had a stranger come up to us in Target who recognized us from church.

Our Little Dragon is doing great! We are so pleased with her progress and how well she has bonded. Just last week she feel asleep all cuddled up in Hubby’s arms! A major step for someone who was not keen on being held.






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3 responses to “11 months of a Dragon!

  1. Oh, wow! I didn’t realize how close in age our two girls were.

    Happy 11th month birthday, Dragon! Keep on growing, beautiful girl. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe she’s been with us for almost 2 months now and the changes just in that time. She was sooooo worth the wait.

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