What do you have now?

Nala is feeling a little neglected since the baby has arrived.

At least that is what Hubby says and he is such a dog whisperer.

Of courses due to the severe neglect she is suffering (ya right), Hubby decides on a trip to the pet store with Mr.D. Which turned into a complete tour and examination of the entire store and creatures within….Ending with a “boys” lunch afterwards…. All for the sake of neglected Nala.

What was the result of this shopping trip, other than a yummy lunch away from the girls….


Yes, that’s right, every dog needs a stuffed pheasant that makes the most obnoxious noise. I can’t even describe it. Maybe between a squeak and honking? All I know is that it is loud!


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One response to “What do you have now?

  1. Nice. You need to record her with it and post it! Then we can all hear the noise.

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