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Happy Easter!

It is just a tad bit chilly here in Ohio, but the outdoor egg hunt must go on. Instead of our Easter finest… we put on our boots and “some” of us zipped up our jackets. To Opa’s house we went for our annual hunt. He made things a bit more challenging, but still kept it fair by assigning colors to each child. What a clever Opa/Easter Bunny we have!

Sending best wishes for a lovely and peace filled Easter!




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What a week!

I have been so under the weather this past week. A perfect example of what sleep deprivation does to a body. Dragon has decided that no one in the house needs to sleep between 2-5am. Especially not mommy! On top of that, Hubby has been hard at work every night, only coming home way past everyone’s bedtime.

I was attempting to hold the fort down. Trying my best to coordinate schedules, appointments, and activities….but yesterday it fell apart. All I could do was lay on the floor while Dragon played next to me. When Ms.A and Mr.D came home from school they volunteered to “babysit” until Opa came over. I was feeling so bad that I accepted their offer and climbed into bed….zonked out. Ugh! This was not one of my best Mommy moments.

We did manage to get a family party together this past weekend and celebrate her first birthday.



Little Dragon had a busy week with appointments, one every day this week. She had an eye appointment in which they proclaimed her eyes straight. Due to her large nasal bridge it made her eyes appear to be off. They did find she had a stigmatism, but wanted to see her in two years and see how it goes.

She had another appointment with our pediatrician to keep up on our immunization catch up schedule. She received two more shots and we go back in another two weeks for the next round. At that point she will be caught up until she turns 15 months and then there is another big batch to do. I did ask the nurse to put her on the scale and found she is up to 19 pounds! What a good little eater. With two top teeth popping through, we are going to start introducing some table foods.

She had a hearing screening at the hospital. The audiologist proclaimed her a very nosey little girl with great ears.

Lastly, she had both a physical therapy session and occupational therapy session. They worked on her core, getting her to rock on her knees, work on her pincher grasp and her pointer finger. She is scheduled for weekly sessions in both areas until some progress is shown.

What a very busy schedule for the littlest member of the family.

What a very exhausted mommy. If only I could fall asleep in a carseat…stroller…high chair…

Spring break is starting this Friday…I am looking forward to not having to do anything!

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The celebration of birth…

Mr.D woke up this morning so very excited. He explains to me that it is such a special day today. I nod in agreement because our Dragon is turning one. He then explains… I can’t wait for her to wake up…she is not a baby anymore….she has a number now….she is going to talk to me and be able to play with me…


He had it in his head that when someone turned one, they miraculously were given the ability to walk and talk…not be a baby anymore. Oh, he was sadly disappointed when his morning greeting to his sister was replied with a screech instead of words.

Our little Dragon is one now. It seems so odd to celebrate a birthday, especially when we have only had her home for two months. I have no personal memory of this day in history. Nothing to reflect on or remember…. So, I start pondering about what this day may have been like for her and her birth mother just last year. What was the weather like? Who were they with? What decisions and discussion were had?

I am so torn between being so thankful to be blessed with this little one. A child who fits so perfectly in my heart. And the thoughts of a mother in China mourning the loss of her daughter. How can I be so happy and celebrate the day of her birth, yet know that it was also a day in which a life was devastated.

I took her away from her country, her culture, her people.

I am giving her a family… An older sister and brother… Parents that will cherish her….she will have opportunities that would have never been available…the best education…health care….

Yet…I have a feeling of sadness on this day….






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A girl & her dog!

Yes…I think Nala has adjusted well to the arrival of Dragon. I admit to being a bad dog mommy. There was no “dog” preparations made for Dragon’s arrival, but that didn’t seem to matter to Nala.


These two are becoming best of friends!


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I am melt already!

This was the final weekend our local ski resort was open and I can say that I am happy the season is over. Let me rephrase that…I am overjoyed! The skis are hung up. The boots are bagged away. The clothes are washed and hanging out to dry.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to ski. In high school I was nationally ranked and even started and participated in our high school ski team. (It only lasted one year and really we were no good.) With the growing need of making some money to pay for car insurance, I became a ski instructor and taught lessons. Then there was the “going away to college and growing up and getting a real job” phase. Sadly, a huge period in which I didn’t have the time, opportunity, or the funds to get back on the slopes.

I was itching to get back out and my friend introduced me to the National Ski Patrol. A great opportunity to ski while learning some first aid skills. At the time, I couldn’t stand the sight of blood or any deformations of bones…but I was highly motivated and thought that I could get over it, if it got me out on the slopes again.

I did get over those “blood and bone” issues and was trained and tested in first aid, CPR, and toboggan handling skills. I am now on my tenth year as a Basic Patroller. I am the person on the hill that provides first aid to injured skiers and I transport them down the slopes to the aid room in a toboggan.

This year was quite a struggle for me to make my required hours and duty shift as a ski patroller. I am required to patrol the hills an hour for each day that the resort is open. That means every week I must work a seven hour shift. I normal work a Friday night shift from 3:30 till closing at 10:30. My routine is to pack up the ski gear, baby gear, food, the two youngest kids, and then pick up Ms.A from school so she can ski with me. Mr.D and Dragon come out for the ride and then get passed off to go home with Nonny (who just finishes her day shift as a patroller). Then Hubby picks them up at Nonny’s house after he is done with work. As you can see, there is some major juggling of the children. It has been working out well, I haven’t forgotten anyone yet, but it is so exhausting.

Due to recent events in our household, I missed the first two weeks of the ski season being in China. I then missed the third week because we flew in on Thursday and I chose to sleep, instead of ski the next day. That leads to me being 21 hours in the negative. I tried to pickup some extra hours during the weekend, but I find this squeeze in scheduling hard to do with three kids. Go Figure!

So…this weekend was my last chance to catch up. I grabbed the two big kids and their gear and headed out.


As you can see it was quite warm out. We all wore shorts under our ski pants. Mr. D finally managed to ski down the hill on his own. With me yelling out direction for him to turn to avoid people. Yeah, it was a tad stressful watching him dodge people.

Of course if you go down the hill by yourself, you should be able to ride the lift by yourself…the logic of a five year old…I am not sure what I was thinking, but I said yes.


Lucky for me, Ms.A rode up with him…



I ended up knocking off six more hours off my deficit. Not enough, but maybe the higher ups will give me a break on the requirements.

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Look at what I can do!

She can sit all by herself. What a huge step for our Dragon! She can also ride like a big girl in the shopping cart.

What a huge difference in running errands. No more lugging out the infant seat and trying to make it fit in the different shopping charts.

She is also becoming such a nosy little girl. Always checking people out. Always looking at what is going on. Never wanting to miss out on the antics of her siblings, even if it interferes with her meals.

She will turn 1 on the 18th and we have some huge appointments coming up. Next week we are starting the immunization schedule of going in every two weeks to catch up. She also has a pediatric ophthalmologist appointment to check and see if her right eye is rolling in and if it is something to be concerned with. She has a hearing evaluation at the children’s hospital and a three hour developmental assessment at the adoption clinic.

Dragon has started to do those little party tricks that every parent uses to show off. You know what I mean… What does a cow say… How big are you…

She can wave when prompted. But it’s more like opening and closing a clinched fist while she looks at it in amazement. Very funny to see! She can make sounds by tapping the back of her hand on her open mouth. She thinks this is quite funny and then starts laughing. And lastly, Hubby swears that she gives kisses. I see it as an open mouth lick on your face. Yuck!


She is coming along wonderfully. We still are contending with the night time sleeping issues. Dragon still wakes up almost every night screaming and it last for several hours. Last night I was able to sooth her when I picked her up. That was a huge step! Like I said…we are making progress.

I, on the other hand, am slowing losing brain function. My IQ has dropped and my memory…what memory…is gone. Hubby and I hope this sleep disturbed phase will pass and good sleep will return to our Kingdom!

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Good Morning!


It’s so early in the morning.
The sun is peaking through the curtains, but my eyes don’t want to open.
I am snuggled down under all my blankets, all warm and toasty.

But then….a noise alerts my mommy senses.
tiptoes in the hall…
little giggles that are muffled by hands…
the squeak of my door…

Then the pile up occurs!
Good Morning!


March 2, 2013 · 8:38 am