Look at what I can do!

She can sit all by herself. What a huge step for our Dragon! She can also ride like a big girl in the shopping cart.

What a huge difference in running errands. No more lugging out the infant seat and trying to make it fit in the different shopping charts.

She is also becoming such a nosy little girl. Always checking people out. Always looking at what is going on. Never wanting to miss out on the antics of her siblings, even if it interferes with her meals.

She will turn 1 on the 18th and we have some huge appointments coming up. Next week we are starting the immunization schedule of going in every two weeks to catch up. She also has a pediatric ophthalmologist appointment to check and see if her right eye is rolling in and if it is something to be concerned with. She has a hearing evaluation at the children’s hospital and a three hour developmental assessment at the adoption clinic.

Dragon has started to do those little party tricks that every parent uses to show off. You know what I mean… What does a cow say… How big are you…

She can wave when prompted. But it’s more like opening and closing a clinched fist while she looks at it in amazement. Very funny to see! She can make sounds by tapping the back of her hand on her open mouth. She thinks this is quite funny and then starts laughing. And lastly, Hubby swears that she gives kisses. I see it as an open mouth lick on your face. Yuck!


She is coming along wonderfully. We still are contending with the night time sleeping issues. Dragon still wakes up almost every night screaming and it last for several hours. Last night I was able to sooth her when I picked her up. That was a huge step! Like I said…we are making progress.

I, on the other hand, am slowing losing brain function. My IQ has dropped and my memory…what memory…is gone. Hubby and I hope this sleep disturbed phase will pass and good sleep will return to our Kingdom!


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One response to “Look at what I can do!

  1. christine

    SO happy to hear she responded to your love! Take a nap sweetie!

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