I am done..so melt already!

This was the final weekend our local ski resort was open and I can say that I am happy the season is over. Let me rephrase that…I am overjoyed! The skis are hung up. The boots are bagged away. The clothes are washed and hanging out to dry.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to ski. In high school I was nationally ranked and even started and participated in our high school ski team. (It only lasted one year and really we were no good.) With the growing need of making some money to pay for car insurance, I became a ski instructor and taught lessons. Then there was the “going away to college and growing up and getting a real job” phase. Sadly, a huge period in which I didn’t have the time, opportunity, or the funds to get back on the slopes.

I was itching to get back out and my friend introduced me to the National Ski Patrol. A great opportunity to ski while learning some first aid skills. At the time, I couldn’t stand the sight of blood or any deformations of bones…but I was highly motivated and thought that I could get over it, if it got me out on the slopes again.

I did get over those “blood and bone” issues and was trained and tested in first aid, CPR, and toboggan handling skills. I am now on my tenth year as a Basic Patroller. I am the person on the hill that provides first aid to injured skiers and I transport them down the slopes to the aid room in a toboggan.

This year was quite a struggle for me to make my required hours and duty shift as a ski patroller. I am required to patrol the hills an hour for each day that the resort is open. That means every week I must work a seven hour shift. I normal work a Friday night shift from 3:30 till closing at 10:30. My routine is to pack up the ski gear, baby gear, food, the two youngest kids, and then pick up Ms.A from school so she can ski with me. Mr.D and Dragon come out for the ride and then get passed off to go home with Nonny (who just finishes her day shift as a patroller). Then Hubby picks them up at Nonny’s house after he is done with work. As you can see, there is some major juggling of the children. It has been working out well, I haven’t forgotten anyone yet, but it is so exhausting.

Due to recent events in our household, I missed the first two weeks of the ski season being in China. I then missed the third week because we flew in on Thursday and I chose to sleep, instead of ski the next day. That leads to me being 21 hours in the negative. I tried to pickup some extra hours during the weekend, but I find this squeeze in scheduling hard to do with three kids. Go Figure!

So…this weekend was my last chance to catch up. I grabbed the two big kids and their gear and headed out.


As you can see it was quite warm out. We all wore shorts under our ski pants. Mr. D finally managed to ski down the hill on his own. With me yelling out direction for him to turn to avoid people. Yeah, it was a tad stressful watching him dodge people.

Of course if you go down the hill by yourself, you should be able to ride the lift by yourself…the logic of a five year old…I am not sure what I was thinking, but I said yes.


Lucky for me, Ms.A rode up with him…



I ended up knocking off six more hours off my deficit. Not enough, but maybe the higher ups will give me a break on the requirements.


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  1. You should get a special dispensation because you had to wait 7 years for the baby. If you’d like me to send a letter in my formal capacity just say the word…lol….

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