The celebration of birth…

Mr.D woke up this morning so very excited. He explains to me that it is such a special day today. I nod in agreement because our Dragon is turning one. He then explains… I can’t wait for her to wake up…she is not a baby anymore….she has a number now….she is going to talk to me and be able to play with me…


He had it in his head that when someone turned one, they miraculously were given the ability to walk and talk…not be a baby anymore. Oh, he was sadly disappointed when his morning greeting to his sister was replied with a screech instead of words.

Our little Dragon is one now. It seems so odd to celebrate a birthday, especially when we have only had her home for two months. I have no personal memory of this day in history. Nothing to reflect on or remember…. So, I start pondering about what this day may have been like for her and her birth mother just last year. What was the weather like? Who were they with? What decisions and discussion were had?

I am so torn between being so thankful to be blessed with this little one. A child who fits so perfectly in my heart. And the thoughts of a mother in China mourning the loss of her daughter. How can I be so happy and celebrate the day of her birth, yet know that it was also a day in which a life was devastated.

I took her away from her country, her culture, her people.

I am giving her a family… An older sister and brother… Parents that will cherish her….she will have opportunities that would have never been available…the best education…health care….

Yet…I have a feeling of sadness on this day….







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5 responses to “The celebration of birth…

  1. I had the same torn emotion on our babies’ birth dates (which are only estimates from the orphanage). It’s all so bittersweet.

    We’ve spent the 4 months since their 1st birthday oscillating between “oh, you’re still my tiny baby!” and “wow, they’re like little humans now!” 🙂

  2. It is truly bitter sweet. But it eases over time. Then of course there’s the Gotcha Day celebration that focuses on a completely different aspect of the journey! She has a better life now and I can’t help but feel her birth mother wanted that for her and would be happy for her now.

  3. Jim

    Happy happy happy happy birthday Dragon!

  4. Happy Birthday, Dragon!

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