What a week!

I have been so under the weather this past week. A perfect example of what sleep deprivation does to a body. Dragon has decided that no one in the house needs to sleep between 2-5am. Especially not mommy! On top of that, Hubby has been hard at work every night, only coming home way past everyone’s bedtime.

I was attempting to hold the fort down. Trying my best to coordinate schedules, appointments, and activities….but yesterday it fell apart. All I could do was lay on the floor while Dragon played next to me. When Ms.A and Mr.D came home from school they volunteered to “babysit” until Opa came over. I was feeling so bad that I accepted their offer and climbed into bed….zonked out. Ugh! This was not one of my best Mommy moments.

We did manage to get a family party together this past weekend and celebrate her first birthday.



Little Dragon had a busy week with appointments, one every day this week. She had an eye appointment in which they proclaimed her eyes straight. Due to her large nasal bridge it made her eyes appear to be off. They did find she had a stigmatism, but wanted to see her in two years and see how it goes.

She had another appointment with our pediatrician to keep up on our immunization catch up schedule. She received two more shots and we go back in another two weeks for the next round. At that point she will be caught up until she turns 15 months and then there is another big batch to do. I did ask the nurse to put her on the scale and found she is up to 19 pounds! What a good little eater. With two top teeth popping through, we are going to start introducing some table foods.

She had a hearing screening at the hospital. The audiologist proclaimed her a very nosey little girl with great ears.

Lastly, she had both a physical therapy session and occupational therapy session. They worked on her core, getting her to rock on her knees, work on her pincher grasp and her pointer finger. She is scheduled for weekly sessions in both areas until some progress is shown.

What a very busy schedule for the littlest member of the family.

What a very exhausted mommy. If only I could fall asleep in a carseat…stroller…high chair…

Spring break is starting this Friday…I am looking forward to not having to do anything!


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  1. Hang in there. Even mommy needs a break some days!

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