Smile for the camera!

We went on an outing to our local zoo today and invited some friends to come along. Like usual, I forgot my real camera, so I used my phone to takes some photos of the kids. Normally the phone (iPhone 4s) does a great job….as long as those being photographed are willing to follow the directions of “smile!”

There were a total of six kids in the group and I took several different shots of them together. You would think at least one would turn out presentable. Five of the kids followed directions well and would smile when prompted, but that sixth one…. not so much.

Here is a sampling of Mr.D ( the sixth one) in the photos today.









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6 responses to “Smile for the camera!

  1. All of my pics involving him look this way too. At least he’s consistent.

  2. Oh, you’ve got some good ones to submit to his senior party when he graduates from high school!


    I absolutely loved the pics!!! I plan to keep all of them. Whenever I need a pick up, I’ll look at them. They really made me laugh.


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