Last “catch up” shots!


Every two weeks for the past three months we have been visiting the doctor to get our immunizations. I am so happy with my decision of spacing them out. Two at a time…Dragon had her last set of shots and is finally caught up. At least until she hits 15 months and then it starts again. The above photo is of her TB test site. We get to have it read on Saturday.

So, here are her latest stats. She weighed in at 19 1/2 pounds, which bumps her up to the 15 percentile. She measured 30 inches long at the 80 percentile and her head was 17 1/4, which landed her in the 25 percentile. Her head has been a concern for me. It was quite flat on the back right side when she arrived. It’s still flat, but has a more equal look to it. The doctor is keeping an eye on it… as long as she shows growth we are good.

Her social progress is unbelievable! The biggest change is that she wants her mama… No strangers allowed… not even to look. I never thought that I would feel so happy to see a child screaming and reaching for me as I am now! She even will rest her head on my shoulder… The littlest things can bring so much joy!

She is going to weekly physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. No progress on that front. She still is just rolling around and hasn’t picked up on the pincher grasp.

We did start up a weekly story time at the library. It is a very comical scene of ten moms trying to wrangle their toddlers on their laps to listen to an ancient librarian read stories and do crazy puppet shows. Dragon is more interested in destroying her name tag and the ongoings of the other kids than the story. I am just counting down the minutes of sitting on the floor, trying to position my legs so they don’t fall asleep. No “criss cross applesauce” for this old lady!

This weekend is the first dance program of the session. That means Dragon will have the pleasure of hanging out with our favorite sitter…Let me rephrase that… Screaming for our favorite sitter… I think her rate is going to go up after this weekend!



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2 responses to “Last “catch up” shots!

  1. Maryann Divis

    You have reached a milestone “mom”.You are truly her mommy.Everything comes in time.By the way, did you receive our birthday card and check?If it got lost in mail,I’d just like to be aware of it.Thanks,Maryann

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  2. She’s really growing well. I can’t believe how much she weighs already. Yeah.

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