Lets Dance!

Oh the joys of being the parent responsible for the dressing room with thirty girls. All who are trying to get into crazy costumes and equally crazy hair styles. Ms.A had four costume changes and performances today at the team showcase. As her second year of being on the competition team, she took it in stride.

No costume malfunctions…no personal drama…her hair was manageable…fake eyelashes a breeze…she is becoming quite a pro!




Next weekend we start into the competition season. We will be spending our weekend at a nearby college. The team will be competing against other dance studios from Ohio. Ms.A will be adding a tap solo to her routines, which will make a total of five dances to perform.

A year worth of rehearsals are really paying off. She seems to be having so much fun and the whole atmosphere is so exciting. Dancing is her “thing” and Hubby and I are so proud of her commitment and focus.

I will post some better pictures next weekend. I am sure you will get a kick out of the costume that is meant to represent “homeless kids”.

All I can say….money well spent!



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3 responses to “Lets Dance!

  1. Dawn Deran

    She did an awesome job! Let me know about her competition dates! I’d love to see her!

  2. christine


  3. She’s very talented! Love the costumes but can’t get over how skimpy some are.

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