Dragon’s big red shadow.

It is unbelievable how a little baby can change so many things in a household. May it be the already busy schedules, the increase of large musical plastic toys in the family room, or the behaviors of the family members. The one thing in particular that just amazes me with all the transformation happening within our family….the difference in our dog.

Nala, our well documented crazy Rhodesian Ridgeback, is just over two years old. We felt that when she turned two she seemed to calm just a bit and become the beginning of the good dog we were hoping for. Mind you, she is no reformed dog, but there is something special going on before our very eyes.

First off, Nala is a known counter surfer, food swiper, and toy destroyer. When the older kids are playing, rough housing, and screaming with all their might, Nala can get a tad out of hand. We then need to reign her in and on most occasions this leads to her being put in a doggie time out. When the kids have friends inside the house, it’s like she has to let everyone know of their movements. She is constantly barking and on occasion frightening them. So, back in doggie time out she goes again. Outside in the yard she is better, unless they are in the pool. Nala then thinks they are in some sort of danger and tries to block them from the water or even hold them back. All I can say is that we have a lot of bathing suits with holes in them and Nala has been official banned from pool side.

When Dragon came home, we were very cautious. We kept things calm and made a point of always picking toys up to prevent any destruction. We also tried keeping them separated if no one was in arm length of either one of them.

But…. Like opposite magnets, they alway find each other.




Like I said before…I am witnessing something amazing. I hope that Dragon grows to love her “big red shadow” as much as her “shadow” loves her!



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3 responses to “Dragon’s big red shadow.

  1. It’s so cute how Nala seems to protect and mother her.

  2. Sam

    I can only hope that our dog will be reformed when we have a little one. We’re a little concerned about it. This gives me hope, thanks!

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