Build her a shelf…she is going to need it!

We did it…. Or should I say…She did it!!

The first weekend of competition is over and she did great. Each competition is run by a different production company, so they all have different ways of grouping (by age, by dance type, and experience). They also have different judging styles, different point scales, and different awards. So you may do fabulous in one competition because of your grouping and the next week do the same identical performance and get horrible results.

This weekend was a great one to start with. It was a bit smaller and Ms.A was considered a “Junior” (petit, junior, teen, senior) in the “competition” (novice, recreation, competition) level. The scoring point system was silver, high silver, gold, high gold, and platinum as awards.

She danced in five routines: a tap solo, a tap trio, a tap quad, a jazz quad, and a large group lyrical. (Yeah, don’t ask me what we were thinking when we said yes to this huge commitment.) This weekend she scored high gold in each of her five routines. The judges then compare points in each dance category and her large group lyrical also received an overall second place. She was so very excited and I was so very relieved.


Next weekend we are headed to Cleveland for a competition that is just for solos, duets, and trios. She will just have two routines to perform and she will be classified in the youngest age category. This could mean that she might have higher results because she won’t be competing against girls that are older than her…or it may not.

What about the rest of the crew? Hubby, Dragon, Mr.D, Opa and Nala are going to have to hold down the fort for the next four weekends. I am sure there will be plenty of runs to the ice cream parlor for “good behavior bribes” and if the weather warms up…some well deserved rounds of golf!


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