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Backyard Explorer

Mr.D received a very fitting gift for his birthday this year…


My creature capturer received an explorer outfit. He has not stepped out of the house without it on. With one exception, I have put my foot down on the sound machine/animal caller (that is the grizzle bear looking thing in his hand) going to church.

So, he wanders the yard changing the sounds depending on what area he is in. Trying to lure animals to him. His options are the loon, cougar, grizzle bear, wolf, and eagle. Lucky for me we don’t seem to have those animals roaming our local area.

Even though he has not been successful, it sure doesn’t hamper his enthusiasm!



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Summer should be here!

Summer weather should be in full swing, but the last two mornings I have woke up to frost on the ground. My precious potted plants that I have been babying all spring took a hit. I should have know better….

However, the summer festivities must go on! We do not let a bit of chilly weather deter us from having our first opening pool party of the season. Oh no! Hubby’s solution… just crank up the pool heater and turn the fire pit on!

Oh my, our gas bill! I literally could hear the gas meter spinning.

The results of his effort… a steaming warm pool that the kids stayed parked in all day until they were severely pruned… and some toasty warm adult around the fire pit, enjoying the sun with liquid refreshments in hand!




Dragon enjoyed all the fun pool side in her great sun hat, which she kept on most of the time. We, on the other hand, all have to contend with a bit of sunburn.

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Big week for Mr.D….his graduation from preschool!





Oh boy, they sure grow up fast!

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Catching up…fast!

Dragon is progressing at warp speed. You can literally ask me at the end of each day what she has done new and I can answer you. The pace is amazing. Her physical therapist cut back her sessions from every week, to every three weeks. Her occupational therapist has done the same.

Drum roll please…..She is on all fours!


This was a huge step. I guess there are a lot of sensory issues with the palm of your hands and for her to put them flat and start crawling….major big deal. Needless to say, we are so excited. She can also pull herself into a sit and then back down. We see a lot of attempts to pull up on the furniture. She is not as successful with this skill and there are plenty of spills that occur. I just cringe and hope for the best, when I can’t reach her in time.

Hubby and I are just in awe.

She is such a little sweetheart and full of smiles, but we are starting to see that mischievous side. When I tell her “no touch”…she shakes her head no and smiles….which of course makes me smile…but as soon as I look away…she goes right back at it.

That little stinker!

We are really getting creative with the child proofing, blocking, and barricading of our home. However, I have a feeling once she is truly mobile, nothing will stand in her way!



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Baby got some new shoes!


Dragon was fitted for her first pair of walking shoes. Her physical therapist said it was time and told us exactly what to buy.


I have a feeling she will be stomping all around the house… that’s if she stops looking at them!

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What a crybaby!


Ever have one of those days?

We seem to be having a lot of them!

Lucky for me, these moods seem to quickly pass.


Really, there is not much to cry about, when you have these three around!



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She sure is a tween!

Yes, Ms.A had her eleventh birthday.

No huge party with her school friends. No cake and balloons. She and I were in Michigan at a competition. But don’t fret… her dance friends happily celebrated this occasion with cookies, singing, and some swimming in the hotel pool.

I thought she might be upset with the lack of grandness, but I was mistaken. All she wanted was to hang out with her friends and be fussed on. Both of which occurred.



She is growing up into a beautiful and smart young lady. I am so very proud of her and all that she does!

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