Wake up…the sun is up!

Laying in my bed, I hear the squeak of a door. I roll over and look at my clock to see that it is not even 7 yet. I smile to myself, knowing what is coming next. I close my eyes and listen. I hear the muffled tip toe steps of a child who is trying very hard to be quiet. Then I feel a warm breath just inches away from my face. At last a very excited whisper…

Wake up mama…the sun is up….and today is my BIRTHDAY!

Yes, my darling Mr.D is now a strapping six year old boy.

Oh, the time is just flying by. It may not feel like that at certain moments, but when I look back, it seems like just a blink of an eye. I can’t believe that he can no longer fit easily in my lap. His legs are way to long, dragging on the floor, and his weight become uncomfortable to bear. I now have to shop for him in the “big” boys’ department. Still trying to find something that involves dinosaurs or not to scary monsters.

He can do so many things on his own, without my help. Making me so proud of his newly developed independence, yet sad at the same time. He is becoming such a wonderful and caring big brother. He is developing interests in learning and has such thoughtful questions about a variety of topics. And oh boy does he talk…to the point of needing restrictions in order to finish a meal in a reasonable length of time.

We have made several declarations for Mr.D sixth year of life.
This will be the year of learning to ride a bike…
This will be the year of swimming underwater…
This will be the year of learning how to read…
This will be the year of using grownup toothpaste…

May his sixth year be full of accomplishments!




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4 responses to “Wake up…the sun is up!

  1. He was such a little thing when we first met him. I can’t help but think what an amazing surprise he was to you guys after you submitted your paperwork to China.

  2. Jim

    Happy Birthday Mr. D!

  3. christine

    I love that kid- DD is my buddie! HBD GB!! give him a hug and kiss and btw- that pic with the fingers is so cute- Post it on Pinterest.

  4. Maryann

    Happy,happy birthday to our grandson,Mr.D.We will call you tonite.Love and hugs.Poppy & Grandma….xoxo

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