15 month old Dragon

Oh boy…have things changed with our Dragon. People can’t believe it is the same little girl we brought home just six months ago. Her personality is just bursting through!

She just loves her food and can feed herself finger foods. Her current favorite is Cheerios. We have switched her off of formula and she is drinking whole milk ( organic of course ) with no issues. We still offer her milk in a bottle, but she makes no effort in holding it herself. A little odd, but no big deal for us.

Dragon is a happy crawler and is pulling herself up on the furniture. She just loves to hold your hands and walk around.


Oh, did you notice the hair… I had mentioned to Hubby about some strands hanging in her face. Next thing I know, I am holding her chin and he is enthusiastically trimming away. Thank goodness it will grow back.

Hubby also took Dragon for her first dip in the pool. She is not a fan of the tub, so we wanted to make it a very positive experience. Especially since we live in and by the pool during the warm summer days. She loved sitting with
Hubby and watching the big kids. She even started splashing around a bit.


The last big news… Her first word…


Go figure, the two of them are always together. Nala is a wonderful cleanup crew. I can just imagine what my floors would look like if she was not around. I am just surprised that its not “No Nala.”

She does also say Dada and Mama and Duck. Her doctor gives them out after every visit and we have amassed quite a collection of rubber ducks.

We have been working with signs and Dragon can use sign language for “more” and “all done.” Mr.D also is proud of the fact that he taught her to growl and Ms.A loves to blow strawberries with her.


I just wonder what those two are up to sometimes.


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  1. Funny b/c Sydney’s first word was kitty. They love their pets don’t they. I am glad Sydney’s swim suit is getting more use since she barely wore it! I am happy she has progressed so much. It’s amazing how they catch up when you get them home.

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