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What’s on the phone?

Technology has changed so much since we had Ms.A eleven years ago. The poor kid has very little video of her. Just pulling out the huge camcorder, having it charged, and having a blank tape was a miracle in itself. Now for Dragon, it is a whole different story. I always have my phone, hence I accumulate so much more. I am sure Hubby loves all the random photos and videos that I send to him at work. He has a constant update of what is happening at home during the day. What a lucky guy!!! No more “What did you do today?” questions needed.

Here is a perfect sampling of my randomness.

Mr.D and Hubby found a wonderful little farm pond that is teaming with fish. You could put your hands in the water and they would come nibbling. That’s some fun fishing!

Ms.A had to get some baby teeth pulled and was not happy about the situation. After the procedure she was fine and said it wasn’t so bad. My response…good because we have to come back!

Dragon is finally holding her bottle. What an ordeal! She still does it very odd, but I am not complaining.

All three kids on their scooters. Dragon has a small version that has a seat and she took to it fast.

Ms.A spent her first week ever at residential camp. As you can see, she settled in just fine. I was the one who was worried the whole time. We did get a call on the last day to pick her up early. She had a high fever and needed to come home. After two showers and a very good night rest, she is on the mend.

Mr.D had some fun with dressing up Dragon in his TKD belt. I am sure some sacred rule has been broken now. Even Nala looks concerned.

Dragon took a spill and hit her lip on the edge of a table. She looked like a bloody vampire when I got to her. After some anxious moments, I was a able to check her out and see a split and swollen lip. Her first real injury.

And last but not least. A self portrait to show the need of a new hair style.

What’s on your phone?



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Step away from the kitchen…

Step away from the kitchen… That is my silent mantra that I chanted as I attempt to make dinner for the family tonight.

It’s a well known fact that I don’t cook and that when I do, the results are a bit iffy. Hubby took on that responsibility from day one of our marriage. Fifteen years later and he still is the main cook. While I am not a bumbling idiot in the kitchen, it’s not one of the preferred chores that my family would want me to do. I probably have 10 decent meals that I could present to guests. If it were solely up to me to feed the family, I would just keep rotating those ten meals. However, Hubby and the crew have a more diverse pallet.

So, yesterday I had proclaimed that I would make meatballs from scratch for tonights’s dinner. Hubby asked if I had all the ingredients needed… Sure, I said.

I pulled out the recipe and the meat from the fridge and started the hunt to gather the needed ingredients. Meatballs should not be a difficult thing to make. They have just a few ingredients… meat, eggs, cheese, salt, pepper, parsley, breadcrumbs…. Hmm, breadcrumbs

Yeh, no bread crumbs to be found in our house. Not even a slice of bread, so I got a little creative. I had the choice of croutons, rice crispies, or tortilla chips. I made the decision to try the croutons.

After some attempts at crushing them, I did find success with the rolling pin and my pamper chef hand chopper. Mr.D was sitting at the bar watching with a stunned look on his face. He kept asking me what I was making. Wow, what a moral booster.

I should have taken this as a sign and walk away, but just the opposite….I got a little bolder and….do I dare….yes, I pulled out the stand mixer.


This was a wedding gift from some poor soul who really didn’t know me well. Anyhow, I dusted it off and found the right attachment. Since I pulled out the big guns, I might as well double…no, triple the recipe. How hard can that be.

With Dragon hanging on my leg, Mr.D in a trance watching me, I just keep going.


Success! Four trays of meatballs in the oven. A total of four meals for the family.

Mr.D ate with gusto.
Opa ate his share, but he never complains about anything.
Dragon just squished things around.
Hubby had to stay late at work and missed dinner.
And lastly, Ms.A is at residential camp for the week, so no opinions from her.

What’s next in my kitchen adventures…Opa harvested some things from the garden.


I really should step away while I am on a high note!


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Big brother

Lucky girl!

She has a big brother that has been waiting his whole life for her.








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Missing Turtle

We have only had these little turtles for one week and I am sad to say…Dolly is missing.


How you ask?

Well, as I examined the scene of the great escape and interviewed the sole witness. That would be Flipper. He is a good boy and stayed in his tank. I came to this conclusion.

Dolly clambered onto her basking rock to check out the view (side note… I just upgraded their tank to a twenty gallon long and did not have a lid that fit properly…oops). She then put her little legs over the lip of the tank. Being so top heavy, she fell out. She landed on the coffee table and scrambled to the edge to see what was there. Once again she fell and now landed on the deck. (side note… The tank is located on our cover porch for the summer.) She then scurried across the deck and took a minimum of four feet dive into my flower beds.

The trail ends here. The witness is no longer talking. ( side note… The mower came to cut the lawn.)

The children were quick to put the blame on…

Nala denies everything. She reminded us that it was a scorcher and it was to hot to get into mischief. She was a lazy dog and stayed were there was air conditioning. She then reminded them of the wrongful accusation of eating the hermit crab. Houdini was found in the kitchen several days after his escape.

So… We have a very small, but crafty, missing turtle. She is about four inches round and has beautiful red striping by her eyes. She does not respond to her name, but loves shrimp.

If found, please return. Mr.D is heartbroken. He has been on two search and rescue missions with Nala and is currently making posters to hang on our mailbox. He also asked me to call our lawn service to see if they saw her. (They got a chuckle out of that call. We have three acres that they mow.)

This is the last photo taken…Dolly is the large one on the right.


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Dragon’s first Vacation!


Her first bike ride…She loved it, but we couldn’t get a helmet to fit her properly.


At the beach… She didn’t care for the sand, so she hung out in the cabana.


Lots of stroller-ing around town….I made a great purchase of a clip on fan, it made all the difference in keeping our sweaty girl cool.


She just loved wearing her new glasses and baseball cap. We kept her well lathered and not one bit of sunburn for her!


First time in the pool float (Target purchase) and it went well. Loved the canopy for the shade.


Visited the playground in Harbor Town while mommy shopped and Mr.D played pirate.


I think she had a ton of great first experiences. May our Dragon have a lifetime filled with many more!


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No snakes please!

Mr.D and his passion for creatures of all types is growing and growing. I cringe when Hubby and he go on a “supply run” to the pet store. Waiting and holding my breath, to see what might come home with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that he is so comfortably with animals and insects. I have not had to clean the skimmer box on the pool this entire summer. Thank goodness for me, because there is a surprise almost everyday and he is happy to do the rescue.

However, his request for more advanced reptiles have been coming. I fend them off by telling him that they are full of germs and since he still likes to suck his thumb, that’s a no go! Thankfully for me he can’t give up his thumb habit, but when he does, I am in trouble.

I thought that my stance was strong and solid…But…I had a weak moment.

A dear friend offered her turtles for a trial run. Trial run, I couldn’t refuse. If he does a good job of taking care of Dolly and Flipper, he can keep them. If not, they go back.



All I can say about our new addition…these little guys are kind of cute…and it’s not a snake.


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12 hour road trip

We did it. A twelve hour road trip as a family of five.




We jammed everything we could possibly want into Clifford (yukon xl), attached a bike hitch to carry three bikes and a tag-a-long for Mr.D, and a roof carrier for the golf clubs/porta crib/beach chairs. Mr.D had a binder full of movies and his thumb to suck on. Mr.A was packed into the third row with her Nook, the cooler, and snack bin. Not to bad of a place to be. Dragon had a constant supply of snacks and a bag of toys to explore.

What about Nala you ask, well she had a 16 day reservation at Doggie Daycare!

We had a great time soaking up some sun, playing in the sand, jumping the waves, and attempting to relax.

Our destination… Hilton Head Island!




Not bad! Not bad at all!

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