No snakes please!

Mr.D and his passion for creatures of all types is growing and growing. I cringe when Hubby and he go on a “supply run” to the pet store. Waiting and holding my breath, to see what might come home with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that he is so comfortably with animals and insects. I have not had to clean the skimmer box on the pool this entire summer. Thank goodness for me, because there is a surprise almost everyday and he is happy to do the rescue.

However, his request for more advanced reptiles have been coming. I fend them off by telling him that they are full of germs and since he still likes to suck his thumb, that’s a no go! Thankfully for me he can’t give up his thumb habit, but when he does, I am in trouble.

I thought that my stance was strong and solid…But…I had a weak moment.

A dear friend offered her turtles for a trial run. Trial run, I couldn’t refuse. If he does a good job of taking care of Dolly and Flipper, he can keep them. If not, they go back.



All I can say about our new addition…these little guys are kind of cute…and it’s not a snake.



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5 responses to “No snakes please!

  1. We do fur and hair in our house. Dog, cat, hamster, rabbits and guinea pigs. Nothing with feathers or scales (fish and reptiles) allowed.

  2. christine

    i love turtles- especially the ones from Malleys!

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