Missing Turtle

We have only had these little turtles for one week and I am sad to say…Dolly is missing.


How you ask?

Well, as I examined the scene of the great escape and interviewed the sole witness. That would be Flipper. He is a good boy and stayed in his tank. I came to this conclusion.

Dolly clambered onto her basking rock to check out the view (side note… I just upgraded their tank to a twenty gallon long and did not have a lid that fit properly…oops). She then put her little legs over the lip of the tank. Being so top heavy, she fell out. She landed on the coffee table and scrambled to the edge to see what was there. Once again she fell and now landed on the deck. (side note… The tank is located on our cover porch for the summer.) She then scurried across the deck and took a minimum of four feet dive into my flower beds.

The trail ends here. The witness is no longer talking. ( side note… The mower came to cut the lawn.)

The children were quick to put the blame on…

Nala denies everything. She reminded us that it was a scorcher and it was to hot to get into mischief. She was a lazy dog and stayed were there was air conditioning. She then reminded them of the wrongful accusation of eating the hermit crab. Houdini was found in the kitchen several days after his escape.

So… We have a very small, but crafty, missing turtle. She is about four inches round and has beautiful red striping by her eyes. She does not respond to her name, but loves shrimp.

If found, please return. Mr.D is heartbroken. He has been on two search and rescue missions with Nala and is currently making posters to hang on our mailbox. He also asked me to call our lawn service to see if they saw her. (They got a chuckle out of that call. We have three acres that they mow.)

This is the last photo taken…Dolly is the large one on the right.



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6 responses to “Missing Turtle

  1. Aw, so sorry for Mr. D. I hope she turns up alive and well.

  2. Hope Dolly comes home soon!

  3. Maryann

    Did MrD check the pool.Perhaps it was a tempting goal.Keep looking MrD,she will turn up somewhere.Shes giving you a challenge!Love,Poppy&Grandma

  4. This all sounds suspicious.

  5. Don Corbett

    I think we saw her here at Indian Lake!

  6. I do hope Dolly is okay.

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