Step away from the kitchen…

Step away from the kitchen… That is my silent mantra that I chanted as I attempt to make dinner for the family tonight.

It’s a well known fact that I don’t cook and that when I do, the results are a bit iffy. Hubby took on that responsibility from day one of our marriage. Fifteen years later and he still is the main cook. While I am not a bumbling idiot in the kitchen, it’s not one of the preferred chores that my family would want me to do. I probably have 10 decent meals that I could present to guests. If it were solely up to me to feed the family, I would just keep rotating those ten meals. However, Hubby and the crew have a more diverse pallet.

So, yesterday I had proclaimed that I would make meatballs from scratch for tonights’s dinner. Hubby asked if I had all the ingredients needed… Sure, I said.

I pulled out the recipe and the meat from the fridge and started the hunt to gather the needed ingredients. Meatballs should not be a difficult thing to make. They have just a few ingredients… meat, eggs, cheese, salt, pepper, parsley, breadcrumbs…. Hmm, breadcrumbs

Yeh, no bread crumbs to be found in our house. Not even a slice of bread, so I got a little creative. I had the choice of croutons, rice crispies, or tortilla chips. I made the decision to try the croutons.

After some attempts at crushing them, I did find success with the rolling pin and my pamper chef hand chopper. Mr.D was sitting at the bar watching with a stunned look on his face. He kept asking me what I was making. Wow, what a moral booster.

I should have taken this as a sign and walk away, but just the opposite….I got a little bolder and….do I dare….yes, I pulled out the stand mixer.


This was a wedding gift from some poor soul who really didn’t know me well. Anyhow, I dusted it off and found the right attachment. Since I pulled out the big guns, I might as well double…no, triple the recipe. How hard can that be.

With Dragon hanging on my leg, Mr.D in a trance watching me, I just keep going.


Success! Four trays of meatballs in the oven. A total of four meals for the family.

Mr.D ate with gusto.
Opa ate his share, but he never complains about anything.
Dragon just squished things around.
Hubby had to stay late at work and missed dinner.
And lastly, Ms.A is at residential camp for the week, so no opinions from her.

What’s next in my kitchen adventures…Opa harvested some things from the garden.


I really should step away while I am on a high note!



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2 responses to “Step away from the kitchen…

  1. Maryann

    AAA for your effort! Yea!! I bet they were really good too.It makes it worthwhile when you can at least get more than one meal for your efforts.

  2. christine

    zucchini pancakes…..

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