What’s on the phone?

Technology has changed so much since we had Ms.A eleven years ago. The poor kid has very little video of her. Just pulling out the huge camcorder, having it charged, and having a blank tape was a miracle in itself. Now for Dragon, it is a whole different story. I always have my phone, hence I accumulate so much more. I am sure Hubby loves all the random photos and videos that I send to him at work. He has a constant update of what is happening at home during the day. What a lucky guy!!! No more “What did you do today?” questions needed.

Here is a perfect sampling of my randomness.

Mr.D and Hubby found a wonderful little farm pond that is teaming with fish. You could put your hands in the water and they would come nibbling. That’s some fun fishing!

Ms.A had to get some baby teeth pulled and was not happy about the situation. After the procedure she was fine and said it wasn’t so bad. My response…good because we have to come back!

Dragon is finally holding her bottle. What an ordeal! She still does it very odd, but I am not complaining.

All three kids on their scooters. Dragon has a small version that has a seat and she took to it fast.

Ms.A spent her first week ever at residential camp. As you can see, she settled in just fine. I was the one who was worried the whole time. We did get a call on the last day to pick her up early. She had a high fever and needed to come home. After two showers and a very good night rest, she is on the mend.

Mr.D had some fun with dressing up Dragon in his TKD belt. I am sure some sacred rule has been broken now. Even Nala looks concerned.

Dragon took a spill and hit her lip on the edge of a table. She looked like a bloody vampire when I got to her. After some anxious moments, I was a able to check her out and see a split and swollen lip. Her first real injury.

And last but not least. A self portrait to show the need of a new hair style.

What’s on your phone?



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4 responses to “What’s on the phone?

  1. Imagine the technology when our little ones hit high school. I shudder to think.

  2. Big Brother

    You need to smile!

  3. Aunt Lori

    Love this! And Love and Miss you all! XOXOXO

  4. christine

    the receiver

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