17 months of Dragon

What is going on with Dragon lately…


She is walking. Let me rephrase that. She is running all over the place. She started furniture walking during vacation and when we got home, she just took off. It’s been about three weeks and she is solid on her feet. We are just venturing into crawling up the stairs with mommy closely behind. Going down is a whole different story and we will need to work on that.


She is officially driving Nala crazy. With her new found independence she seems to always be in Nala’s face. Nala is being very patient with her, but I think I hear her sighing ever once and awhile.


She has to be securely tethered down if we want her to stay in one place. Go, Go, Go, is her new motto! Although her gross motor skills are just exploding with new abilities, she is also showing vast improvements with her verbal skills. Her current words: Nala, Dadda, Mommie, down, all done, baby, night-night, hi, and bye. She can point out her nose and ears. She can sign: eat, music, up, all done, and more. She knows when I tell her to go upstairs, get her shoes, can fetch certain toys, and loves to dance.


School is starting for the big kids next week. That means Dragon and I will have plenty of time to have some fun. Ms.A with be starting middle school and dare I say it… Mr.D will be a Kindergartener!




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  1. She has come so far in 7+ months, it’s just amazing. She’s starting to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what she does at Hershey. Can’t believe school is starting soon either.

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