The summer’s end

It’s the end of summer with school starting this week and yes, I am saying this with a big smile on my face! Ms.A is venturing into the world of middle school, while Mr.D is just starting his career as a Kindergartener. It seems like these last few days of summer were filled with us running around trying to find school supplies (those impossible to find Jumbo size glue sticks and the oh so expensive scientific calculator), clothes and shoes that fit (who knew they would grow so much over summer), and getting activities to work in our school/mommy taxi schedule.

Ms.A has to be at the bus stop by 6:55 in the morning, which has thrown me for a sleep deprived loop. I really need to stay organized in the evening in order to keep my sanity. That means no more leaving dishes in the sink or paperwork to be done for the morning. I haven’t found the perfect routine yet, but I am sure by week two I will have it down pat. Mr.D’s bus arrives at a very reasonable time of 8:20. However, we have been up since 6 ish and honestly I could crawl back to bed for a nap. No luck for me, Dragon is at full steam and ready to start her day. There is not even a chance to sit down for a breather.



Even though the majority of the household is excited about school starting, there is one little person who does not like the change in routine. Dragon seems a little lost without her big brother and sister to entertain her.


Yes, that’s her sitting in the dog crate. Her new favorite place to hangout. Just send the parenting awards to my home address. I have a few 8 by 10 frames that need filling.


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