Speech or no speech?

Dragon has qualified for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy since February of this year. OT and PT began as a weekly appointment to now only a monthly visit. We are so pleased with her progress.

Speech is a whole different disappointing story. We have been on the waiting list for services…waiting and waiting for her number to be called up.

In June I made a call, wanting to know her status. I was told she was number 11 on the list. Dragon is 17 months old and has less than 10 words. It is obvious she is delayed. As a former special education teacher I know the importance of early intervention. I have tried everything possible to enrich her, but I am not a therapist.

I put another call in today. The response was that she is number four on the list.

So the dilemma is…
wait until she gets called up…
or start looking for a private therapist.

Our insurance does not cover private therapy.

Mr.D had great success with all his therapies at the school Dragon is waiting at.


She has so much to say to us. She gets so quickly frustrated with us. I know that words will open the world for her. Once again, another decision we need to make.



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3 responses to “Speech or no speech?

  1. How about checking the U of A’s program to see if any students want experience?

  2. Man that’s a tough one. It sucks that they can’t even give you an ETA. And I am surprised insurance doesn’t help at all.

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