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No excuses, you are a big dog now!

Each birthday I hope for the best. This year Nala is three. Maybe this will be my lucky year. The year of calm walks, calm greetings, no jumping, no jumping on people, no stealing food off the counter, no stealing food from the baby and an overall improvement of the comprehension of the word NO!

Is it to much to ask? Is she still to young? At the age of three, she is consider to be a young adult. Are her behaviors appropriate for a young adult…. Hmmm, if she were drunk all the time!


Nala received her first of three gifts this morning. It WAS a cute little alligator. It lasted 15 joyful minutes. We pace out the gifts. Her next one will be given this afternoon.


Happy Birthday to my furry four legged child!



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It’s hat weather.

The weather is starting to change. The mornings are crisp and the sun needs some time to warm us up. This leads me to undertake the huge task of changing out the seasonal clothing. Tucking away the summer clothes that might still fit next year. Bagging up those items that can be passed on and packing away those that one day Dragon may wear. Then, the pulling out of coats and warmer attire that were bought at the end of the previous season. Hoping that the gamble worked and things fit.

Dragon has be blessed with some great hand me downs from her big sister and friends. However, I can’t resist the purchase of a cute hat or two.




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A year ago today…

A year ago today, we received a long awaited call and email from our adoption agency. I was not expecting the call and it was the best surprise ever!!! The call came during the day with Dragon’s basic information and the email included her photo. I can’t believe that I was able to suppress myself, but somehow I managed to wait for the kids to come home from school and Hubby from work. We all gathered around the computer monitor in the kitchen and open up the attachment…


Our little six month old princess. All bundled up, despite being located in Southern China. 6 1/2 years of waiting and there she was. It was finally real!

Today, Dragon is 18 months (22 pounds and 31 inches) and is the center of our family. The wait, although not pleasant at all, was worth it for her!!!!





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A little venting needed!

So….we finally got Dragon into speech.

One of my blogging friends had suggested a fabulous idea (sending big thanks your way) to call the local university to see if there would be student wanting to get some hours. The semester is just starting so they would let the profs know and get back to me. Meanwhile, we got our number called up for the local county MRDD/achievement center. Dragon receives both her occupational therapy and physical therapy there and is very familiar and happy when we attend our sessions. I was all excited that we would get working on speech in hopes to decrease the “frustration” tantrums she is having.

We meet with her new therapist. A very energetic young women who seems to mesh with Dragon well. She was just silly enough, but not to much in your face. Dragon slowly warmed up to her and by the end of our 45 minutes was even engaging her in little games.

I was asked tons of questions that came out of a trifold testing sheet. She would mark down if she was successful, emerging, or unable to do certain skills. At the end of the session the therapist said that Dragon had many 9-12 months skills and some 12-18 months. She is currently 18 months. Ok…. So what next. I was told that she wasn’t really behind and that I could come back in a month to re-evaluate.

Really….she is mostly functioning at 9 months and that’s OK?

Not with me.

When signing out I see the department head. I questioned her on the long wait and then the fact that we are not getting services. The comment I received in front of the entire office stunned me. She proceeded to tell me that foreign adopted children should not qualify for services that are meant for disabled children.

Stunned….I just looked at her…and then I turned into Mama Bear.

I first told her that all “children who have disabilities” ( little pet peeve of mine… children should always come before a label) should receive services. My daughter sat 10 months in an institution. Severely neglected with almost no contact. Her early environment resulted in her severe delays and that is her disability.

I then walked out.

I have no idea what to do next. I am sure her therapist is following guidelines given to her, but I have no idea what the department head was thinking.

Just needed to vent. Now I need to really think out my next step.



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Give me a smile!




Dragon is learning to ham it up for the camera or phone. Mr.D is finally showing a true smile, versus the forced grimaces. Ms.A is as usually, her beautiful self! Time to get a professional picture taken before the moment passes!


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What does Nala do when I go to school?

Good morning. Time to wake up and start my day.

Just supervising to make sure my kids eat all their breakfast. I don’t want any spills.

Off to the bus stop with Ms.A. This early middle school bus is way to early for me.

I think I will sneak in a quick little nap in before Mr.D has to leave.

There goes my boy. I am going to be sooooo bored today!

I refuse to come back in the house. I think I will just sit here in the garage and pout. Oh, I forgot that Dragon still needs to get up. Never mind.


She is all done eating. Let me help you clean up.

Are you going to feed me?

I am waiting!

My life is exhausting. Time for another nap.

Let me out, I see some birds!

No luck. Let me in.


I have no idea what she is up to, but it looks like it might be fun.

Outside waiting and waiting…when will they be back?

Oh boy, the bus !!

They are home now! All that waiting for them just exhausted me. Time for my afternoon siesta!


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